Merlin Wants You (to Play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom)

One of the things I had been looking forward to much of the year was my trip to Walt Disney World in September. But that is hardly news. What’s more was the new interactive card game featured in the Magic Kingdom that I’d been reading about for over a year: Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.

Despite the many articles I’d read about the game, it was still a bit of a hidden treasure of the park. There were a few discreet signs pointing you in the right direction to enlist, but there wasn’t much prominent billing for the game. This of course worked in my favor as it wasn’t a crowded event in the park. Though I did keep running into the same people as I went on my card adventures through the lands.

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Epcot’s Japan ups its trendy wares.

If you’ve never been to Walt Disney World’s Epcot, you are missing out, but you also may not be aware that it houses a Japan portion to its World Showcase. In this section you will find lovely architecture, food, a small museum that changes its exhibition, and a very large store. It’s one of my favorite places to head when in the park and pick up an item or two imported from Japan.

This time around I bought some trendy illustrated prints from Kaori Wakamatsu. But I had a hard time deciding on them as they were stocking so many other striking illustrations by Wakamatsu and many others featured as prints, postcards, notebooks, stationary, pens, and on bags and wallets. This was a fairly new section that has expanded much from the last time I was there. It really emphasized the “cute Japan” but still had a cool edge of design beyond staples like Hello Kitty while also striking a nice balance with the more traditional fare that takes up most of the store.