Otakon 2010: Events

Otakon has more events on its roster than most from multiple concerts over the weekend to premieres of anime and all kinds of cosplaying in between there is more to do than you can shake a stick at. Some cons you have free time to spare, but not so for this year’s big east coast anime con. I’m not even sure it is possible to go to every single big event, I know I certainly didn’t, but I do have a run down of the few things I was able to scramble to over the weekend.

For the last couple of years Otakon has upped the ante on their Opening Ceremonies by including an original piece of animation produced from a major anime studio. It was doubly exciting to see Production I.G’s name attached to the 2010 project. This year’s theme was music so an original song was created for the short as well and the creators were in attendance. All that being said, the piece of animation itself was rather underwhelming. Otakon mascots Hiroko-chan and Hiroshi-kun battle it out in over the top Guitar Hero fashion culminating in taking on a monster. The animation starts off very storyboard-like with a sketchy feel which was much preferable to the Flash animation of the majority of the sequence. The song was a little more exciting though the vocals were being drowned out a bit. It really wasn’t a memorable opening sadly. However, having a majority of the guests in one place was a real treat and what the Opening Ceremonies is really about anyway. Home Made Kazoku really made their presence known as MC Micro sang a few bars and Hiroaki Yura Eminence’s founder was entertaining the audience with his wit and his amazing violin skills.

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