Happy Birthday, Reverse Thieves!

We turn one year old this month (July 25th to be precise), it is hard to believe we have been blogging for one whole year! As you can see we have a new look to celebrate the occasion. We are also going to be moving into a more image heavy format for our posts. The Internet seems to like pictures, who knew? So look forward to that with our reviews. Also we are starting a weekly post put up on Fridays called: Ongoing Investigations. This will feature the things we have been watching, reading, listening to, and playing all week long and eliminate the currently post at the end of blogs.

My goal is to make this a completely Saber and Galaxy Angel themed blog one step at a time. Oh, Narutaki seems to be giving me a look that this will not be the case. EVER. Well then I hope we continue to talk in-depth about hard hitting topics, give people introspective musings on fandom, and bring a little light to shows that would otherwise be overlooked despite being brilliant. I hope we bring something a little different to the anime blogosphere or at least add another intelligent pair of voices to the community.

Thanks everyone who jumps on to read our wildly long-winded thoughts and commentary. We are growing bit by bit. Though I do wish people would post comments more, no?


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