Brainwasher Detective and the Case of the 21+ Anime Con

I am filled a variety of emotions concerning my trip to the Providence Anime Conference. Of course I’m exciting to be attending the first 21+ anime convention as press for its inaugural debut. I am also curious how this will differ and how will it be the same as other anime conventions. And I am also a little bit freaked out because I will be attending this convention as press but I won’t have Narutaki to back me up as he normally does.

If nothing else PAC is full of potential. This convention has some lofty goals and some intriguing concepts going into its creation. It feels like PAC wants to be more than just a place for anime fans to gather and have fun; it wants to spark intellectual discussion and debate among mature fans; it wants to spurn a legitimate analysis of the many parts of otaku culture. How much of it will be realized has yet to be seen. As always it’s wise to hope for the best and plan for the worst.

Hisui’s tentative schedule for the Providence Anime Conference:

She Might Not Be Into Meowth: Dating Tips for Otaku
Dubs That Time Forgot
Introductory Mixology and Room-Party Basics for the Discerning Adult Con-Goer
The Business of Anime
What? Why? Hentai!
Back in MY Day…

Got Yaoi?
Bleach: Of Death and Dyings
ADV Films
All About Anime Cons
FUNimation Entertainment
When Otaku Attack: The Dark Side of Fandom
Anime Hell
The New Wave: Women, Manga, and Where We Stand
Couples in Anime
The Fans Fucking Scare Me
Formal Ball

Anime in the 60s
Anno Atomu: Manga Before the Age of Tezuka
The Vile Spectre of Moe
The Absolute Worst of Osamu Tezuka
Do Anime Cons Have a Future?
Conference Feedback
Closing Keynote

I will say that my schedule is hardly set in stone. If you notice there is little space for eating and socializing which is hopefully going to happen so some things are going to have to be skipped which is an unfortunate necessity. If any of our readers want me to attend particular panels in their stead just let me know. Also I am willing to attempt to interview or ask questions of any guests. Your wish is my command.

I hope to see some of you at the convention!

2 thoughts on “Brainwasher Detective and the Case of the 21+ Anime Con

  1. Scott says:

    I was going to attend PAC and even run a panel on Anime and the Internet. However, my schedule just became too hectic with the NYAF last weekend and I had to cancel the trip.

    Let me know how it turns out. (^_^)

  2. reversethieves says:

    Well I was pretty wiped out after NYAF so PAC might very well kill me. I think I got a mild case of the con flu after NYAF. It was not enough to make me miss work but enough to make work none too pleasant. Still I think that PAC has serious potential so I almost feel I have to attend. I just have to brace myself that it might very well be mundanely average or even horrible.

    I really wanted to go to Sitacon as well but three conventions in a row is just too much even for an otaku like me.
    – Hisui

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