AnimeNEXT, Are we there yet?

It is officially convention season again! This time of year is always a lot of fun but takes quite a bit out of me. Plus, there is a lot of planning going on. While I think this year AnimeNEXT has been more on top of it compared to last year, that isn’t much of a compliment. Also this new location I know nothing about. Though it looked like such a pain commute I ended up getting a hotel room last minute. Still, we got our panel confirmation along with approval for press badges a couple of weeks before the convention so that is something. Speaking of our panel, that is right ladies and gentlemen, Reverse Thieves will be making their second appearance at AnimeNEXT! Come see our panel “I Can’t Believe You Haven’t Seen This!” on Saturday from 9-10AM. It’s early but come on! Oh, and we will be wearing Reverse Thieves t-shirts on Saturday. I know, I know we are like the coolest people you know.

AnimeNEXT is a mid-sized convention. It is bigger than a small con with it’s ability to swing some bigger guests and bands but is smaller than your 800 pound gorillas like Otakon and AnimeExpo. This gives it a unique feel. I am disappointed that we don’t have any awesome Japanese guests that interest me like we have in the past. But if you go in with the right attitude, and a few friends, any convention can be fun. Also good panels are good panels no matter where you go so I hope that this year’s panelists are up to par. Plus the dealers’ room is usually good. We will be running the “I Can’t Believe You Haven’t Seen This!” panel in Panel Room 2 with celebrity blogger Carl from Ogiue Maniax so you have two reasons to wake up early on Saturday. Also we will be giving away prizes at the end of the panel so that actually makes three! Don’t forget to check out Carl at the Anime Blogging Basics Panel on Sunday at 2 PM in Panel Room 1, too.

Our tentative schedule is as follows:

Funimation Sneak Peek Panel
Anime Through the Generations Panel
Anime’s Pirate Legacy Panel
Anime Princesses Rule Panel
Japanese Crime Fiction in Anime Panel
My Stereotypes are More Offensive than Yours Panel
These are a Few of My Favorite Scenes Panel

I Can’t Believe You Haven’t Seen This! Panel
(This is our panel!) 9AM – 10AM

Misako Rocks! Panel
Vertical Panel
Anime/Manga Influence Panel
Business of Webcomics Panel
ParaPara Dance Workshop
Japanese Snacks and Sweets Panel
Funimation Panel
Bad Anime, Bad! Panel
As the Otaku Grows Panel

Con Horror Stories Panel
History of Manga Panel
Otaku Perceptions and Misconceptions Panel
The Misadventures of an AnimeNEXT Con-Chair Panel
Gravitation & Genshiken Panel
Anime Blogging Basics Panel
Con Feedback Session Panel

As a reminder: No Ongoing Investigations this week!

5 thoughts on “AnimeNEXT, Are we there yet?

  1. reversethieves says:

    So #7 did you get to attend the panel? If so do you have anything we could have improved or that you would like to see the next time we run the panel.

    Overall what did you think of AnimeNext?

    – Hisui

  2. Charles says:

    Hi. I was looking for information on the Japanese Snack Panel @ AnimeNEXT ’09 which sadly I missed. I would have loved to know who was running it and what type of information they gave because I think I want to get into the business of Japanese snacks. If it was a good/informative panel who knows what I could have learned. So I was doing that and I stumbled here. Y’know, google and it’s ways.

    In anycase, I totally agree with you on the feel of the con. How it doesn’t compare to the 800 pound gorillas and how you mentioned “I am disappointed that we don’t have any awesome Japanese guests that interest me like we have in the past.”

    It didn’t occur to me to mention that during the feedback panel until after the fact *face palms*. I remember 2005 had Akitaro Daichi and a seiyuu who I can’t remember right this minute . In anycase, that was really cool. I’ve attended every AN since they started in ’02, I believe it was. And ’05 was one of coolest ones because of that. So as of late what gives? NYAF is still considered a starter con and they got Rie Tanaka and Unicorn Table at one point.

    AN lately has had no major Japanese guests of honor that I, personally, felt that I need to see. Furthermore, the bands are all J-Rock bands that haven’t even done an anime opening. Except for this year’s band “FAKE?” who did an opening to an anime that noone talks about. I’m not saying that we necessarily need a band that has done an anime opening. But C’mon throw us a bone, right? If they’re going to stick with the J-Rock theme at least give us some NIGHTMARE. Or at least give us a performer that might not be hugely popular but one we never the less need to hear like Akino Arai. Europe freakin’ appreciates her. Even Ask John mentioned her at one point. She did the Outlaw Star endings that everyone loves. So I’m pretty sure she’d love the exposure in the USA. And like you said it’s a mid-sized convention with it’s own feel. However, AT LEAST, they can bulk it in the little areas such as the guests. Even if it costs a lot of money to bring in these guests I’m sure the fans “might” be willing to pay if AN advertises really prolific guests. If this is the type of guests AN is getting will it truly continue to grow? It’s bad enough that some fans are asking their friends if they went and in response they say, “It’s good you didn’t go you’d just be disappointed.” Pretty much they’re implying save your money for Otakon or EXPO. Then you have your other guests that say nothing really changed from the switch in locations in which case the heads of AN much to their chagrin had to defend it with a “Well, we were looking for a similar venue, nature outdoorsy location yada yada yada.” Whatever, it’s like you said we don’t care we you hold it just give us our J-Guests of HONOR kthx.

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