Anime Expo, Fake out!

I have never been to Anime Expo. It would cost me a good chunk of change to make such a trek and honestly it seems an unlikely venture, maybe ever. Beside the fact that it would mean giving up east coast conventions which is so hard to do! So, Expo and their amazing guest list will remain a dream for a while longer. However, instead of crying over how much it sucks that we won’t be in attendance for Anime Expo 2009, we decided to pretend we ARE going! I am not sure if this is actually helping but hey it’s a way to pass the time! So it goes without saying, don’t look for a con report from us about Expo!

Someone I was following on Twitter posted about that the schedule for Anime Expo was out. After glancing through it I was inspired; I wanted to make a schedule like we usually do for conventions we attend but for a convention we aren’t going to. Making this schedule was much like a fantasy baseball team. The post is sort of random and pointless but also sort of fun. Plus, I hope it makes some people go to the panels I wanted to go to and report back how interesting they are. Anime Expo seems like a great con this year. If I had the cash I would attend it without a doubt. So I hope people ask good questions of Yasuhiro Nightow and all the other guests in my place. Oh, and have an awesome time! 

Our dream schedule is as follows:

Yun Kouga panel
Toshiyuki Morikawa panel
Morning Musume panel
Hiroyuki Imaishi and Atsushi Nishigori Panel
Right Stuf panel
Anime News Network panel
Gundam Model Building panel
Rocking Android Inc. Presents: Japan’s Hottest Doujin Videogames panel
Gainax Focus panel
JAST USA PC Dating Sim Games panel
Making of Gurren Lagann Documentary screening

Dreams to Reality: You Too Can Travel to Japan! panel
Bandai Entertainment panel
CMX Manga panel
Seiji Mizushima panel
Aniplex panel
Gundam: The 30th Anniversary Year panel
Manga as High Art panel
Morning Musume concert
Viz Media panel
Resin Anime Figure Building panel
Without Watch the Anime: OPs and EDs panel
FUNmation Sneak Peek
Giant Robot Rumble panel

Yasuhiro Nightow and Satoshi Nishimura panel
Digital Distribution of Anime and Manga panel
FUNimation panel
Jet Program panel
Anime and Manga in Academia panel
Mirai no Neiro VOCALOID: The Sound of the Future panel
Gundam Model Building workshop

Artists panel
Directors panel
Crunchyroll’s Offical Anime Expo 2009 panel
The Problem with Otaku panel
Production IG panel
Get Paid to Work in Anime panel
Gundam oo Focus panel


5 thoughts on “Anime Expo, Fake out!

  1. omo says:

    it’s fun to do this, but for me Anime Expo means super long hour hour hour hour lines, so in actuality the scheduling would be simpler if you take that into account.

  2. reversethieves says:

    When Kohaku and I went to Expo when CLAMP was there I don’t remember the line being too bad for most things I attended. We had to wait on line for the dealers room, to see CLAMP, and one other thing neither of us can remember. But maybe things have changed since I last went. Or maybe it is just the events I attended.

    But we assumed for this that we had magical press passes that let you in where ever becuase it is a magical fantasy schedule. I did not include my fantasy make out time with cute Saber cosplayers and time when I go to the dealers room and buy 1 dollar figures becuase that would taking this to way far. :)

    I will get anything you need pretend signed at any convention I pretend attend. :)

    I have to line up and wait to see Yasuhiro Nightow and Satoshi Nishimura. Duh! If it is any consolation if I were actually attending I would go to the Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour now that you mention it.

    – Hisui

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