Otaku Diaries Part 10: Miss Cellaneous and the Otaku Diaries Round Up!

This is the last bit part of the Otaku Diaries with no major rhyme or reason to this post. This is just interesting tidbits or odd patterns that were not solid enough for their own post but fascinating none the less. There were also odd facts that came up in some people’s surveys that were awesome but really only related to them but we wanted to mention them anyway. These pieces aren’t leftovers as much as diamonds in the rough.

  • 8 people mentioned Gurren Lagann or characters from it as inspirations, characters they admire or are like. It was the most mentioned show by name. 1 has a Gurren Lagann tattoo.
  • 1 person is a twin.
  • 3 people work in libraries.
  • 1 man noted that he can have multiple orgasms and has had as many as 8.
  • Many people didn’t know the term “shipper.”
  • 1 person suffers from cluster headaches.
  • The most mentioned anime directors in order of most popular are: Satoshi Kon, Hayao Miyazaki, and Akiyuki Shinbo.
  • 1 girl said she had a huge crush on Dave Riley (from Fast Karate for the Gentlemen). Likewise 1 guy said he had a man-crush on Daryl Surat (from AWO).
  • 1 person takes their lunch to work in an Neon Genesis Evangelion tin.
  • 3 people named AMV Hell 0 as something they had watched in a group for laughs or otherwise.
  • 1 person ended up breaking up with his girlfriend after he canceled a date to watch Yu Yu Hakusho.
  • 3 people mentioned owning anime character body pillows.
  • 1 person’s mother said she was “too older for cartoons,” but watches Pixar movies.
  • 1 man’s fiance broke off the engagement because he wouldn’t have sex with her before the marriage.
  • 2 people were army brats.
  • 1 girl has a great love for Germany and plans to move there.
  • 2 people mentioned they are most like Madarame (from Genshiken).
  • 1 person’s father is bi-sexual, married but has a long-term boyfriend in another state.
  • 2 people describe themselves as weeaboo.
  • 1 person is home-schooled.
  • 2 people are in open-relationships.
  • 13 were/are officers in an anime club.

We hope everyone enjoyed the unique flavor of this post. Next month will be the last post in the Otaku Diaries. We will be looking our of experiences and feelings on the project as a whole. What did we learn? What preconceived notions did we have that were validated and which were overturned? What would we do differently and what would we expand upon in another similar experiment? Also expect requisite thank yous to everyone who made this possible and maybe even some insight into future plans. See you then.


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