AnimeNEXT, You’re back on track!

hisuiconSince AnimeNEXT moved to Garden State Exhibit Center we decided to skip. While we enjoy our time at AnimeNEXT without a good Japanese guest it was not worth the travel time and hotel cost now that the convention was not within a simple commute from New York City. But then two good things aligned to give us the push to go. First is the ability to stay with our good friend Evan of Ani-Gamers during the duration of the convention. The second is Kenji Kamiyama is a guest at the convention. His work on Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Eden of the East easily makes him someone worth traveling for. So we once again head to New Jersey as a pair of anime detectives. If anyone has any questions for any of the guests at the convention just drop us a line in the comments section or via email and I will do the best I can to get your questions answered and post them in the con report. Other than that if you see us hanging around feel free to say hello. We love to meet readers know what you think of the blog.

Ah, AnimeNEXT you heard my prayers, I didn’t want to abandon you! This small New Jersey con has always held sway over me but last year was a bit of a let down. However, with the nice guest line up this year things seems back on track. I’m looking forward most to Kenji Kamiyama (and he is really the #1 reason I have changed my mind about going) but I am also curious to see Stereopony. There is also a huge line up of panels this year, I don’t expect to be stuck with too much spare time! We will be in attendance all three days of the con, so if you can find us (good luck!) be sure to say howdy.

Big Bald Broadcast panel
How to Spot Bootleg Merchandise panel
Fandom & Criticism: Art of Active Viewing panel
Kimono: Alure, Fashion, and History panel
King of Fighters: Past to Present panel
History of Mecha panel
Anime/Manga Influence on the U.S. panel
The Science of Anime panel
Stereopony concert
Restricted Rock, Paper, Scissors game
These Are A Few Of My Favorite Scenes panel

Gundam: What Makes It Great panel
Stereopony Q&A
Anime Talk panel
Funimation industry panel
War Stories from the Conventions panel
Parapara Dance workshop
State of the Anime Industry and You panel
Legend of Galactic Heroes: Introduction panel
It Came from France!! panel
Kenji Kamiyama Q&A
The Changing Faces of Anime panel
Bad Anime, Bad!! panel
Random Anime Quiz Gameshow

Otaku: Perceptions and Misconceptions panel
Care & Feeding of Japanese Art panel
Funimation Sneak Peek screening
Legend of Galactic Heroes: Movie with Fan Commentary panel
Psychology of Anime II panel
AnimeNEXT Feedback panel

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