Crime Scene Investigations #001: Genericon 2011

Anime 3000 presents The Speakeasy Podcast
Crime Scene Investigations #001: Genericon 2011

This is the first bonus segment of the Speakeasy Podcast we like to call Crime Scene Investigations. These are random bonus podcasts that we record live from various events. There is no regular schedule for these. We will put them up as quickly as we can when the opportunity for one of these occurs. We suspect they will mostly be from conventions but we might work in some interviews and conversation from NY events as fate allows.

Theoretically, this is a podcast were we talk about our experiences at Genericon 2011 with Clarissa, Daryl, and Gerald of Anime World Order. Theoretically. In practice, this is more of an conversation about conventions in which Genericon comes up once or twice. Evan from the Ani-Gamers tries his to do his job as Genericon PR coordinator but soon all semblance of structure gives way and the conversation just becomes about Kevin Sorbo, red neck Mandalorians, and the grooming habits of Gamestop employees.

(Listen) (Show Notes)



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