AnimeNEXT 2011: The NEXT are not only in Sternbild City

Just as a heads up for everyone in the Tri-State area we will be attending AnimeNEXT 2011 this year as both press and panelists for all three days. Hisui will be appearing on five panels this year and Narutaki will be on three so you can see the Reverse Thieves every day of the convention if it so pleases you. The big Japanese guest for us this year will be Satoru Nakamura, who is another amazing Production I.G guest following up last year’s Kenji Kamiyama. If anyone has questions for him just leave a comment and we will be sure to ask at one of his panels.

We recorded a micro-podcast (less than 12-minutes long) detailing our plans in case you don’t feel like reading this post.

AnimeNEXT Preview podcast

Our tentative panel schedule:


Anime in the 90s and Spoiler Alert
Tenshi ni Narumon : Anime Under the Radar
The Best Of Martial Arts Fight Scenes 2: The Rematch
Best Manga you Never Read (both Reverse Thieves)
Investigating Detective Anime (both Reverse Thieves)
Vertical Manga: The Seinen Revolution Continues
Production I.G Panel
Type-Moon: Unlimited Panel Works (Hisui’s Solo Mission)
Anime Incorrect! (18+)
Bad Anime, Bad!


The Anime Geek Glossary
JoJo’s Posing School
Fandom & Criticism: The Art of Active Viewing (Hisui & the Ani-Gamers)
Suminagashi: Floating Ink
Fanthropology: Behind the Study of Fandom
Fandom Podcasting: An Overview
A Complete History of Manga
Production I.G Discussion
One Piece Podcast Panel
Otaku on a Budget
Giant Robot Rumble
Totally Subversive Toons (18+)
These Are A Few Of My Favorite Scenes


Anime Opening/Closing Themes
Real Men Watch Shoujo (Both Reverse Thieves)
NoN. D.E. Fan Films
Square Enix

4 thoughts on “AnimeNEXT 2011: The NEXT are not only in Sternbild City

  1. Justin says:

    Dang. I’m going to be seeing you guys more than I thought, and it’s only Friday! I haven’t even planned my Sat/Sun schedule yet. This is insanity!!!

    Anyways, two questions (since you guys begged, mainly Hisui in the podcast :D; also, you can choose one or both) for Nakamura-san would be what changes has he noticed within the anime industry or in animation as a whole, and what is his thoughts on online streaming?

    I wish I could interview him myself…except I’m not too much of a I.G knowitall, so embarrassing myself is not my cup of tea :D Anyways, looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!

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