Otaku NYC: Go! Go! Curry

As Ciel-senpai has taught us there are many different types of curry from all over the world with each region putting its own spin on the dish. Ciel-senpai also teaches us that all of them are delicious. Japan has its own variety of curry that is generally regarded as a simple down-home comfort food. Japanese curry is a thick gravy-like curry poured on top of rice with a variety of toppings. It is a simple meal that can be made quickly but is very filling. When you are in Manhattan the place to eat Japanese curry is Go! Go! Curry.

The menu at Go! Go! Curry is all baseball themed. The sizes go from walk (small) to triple (extra large). The dish comes with rice, curry, and shredded cabbage. The curry itself has a mild but rich flavor with a hint of sweetness. This is not the fiery rush of a vindaloo but the simple richness of a roux. You then add your choice of meat including breaded chicken, pork, or shrimp as well as pork sausages. There is also tilapia as a secret menu item if you ask for it. You can also throw on a boiled egg, rokkyo, fukuzinzuko, cheese, or natto (WARNING: natto is only for the very brave) for a little extra. There are also special platters like the home run and grand slam that are a mixtures of all kinds topping to top of a huge amount of rice and curry. Those are for groups or power eaters. If you go on a day ending in 5 (go being 5 in Japanese) or whenever Hideki Matsui hits a home run you can get a free topping coupon for your next visit.

If you are going for your first time I love the katsu (pork) curry but you can get the chicken curry if dietary requirements prevent you from eating pig. I have never tried the tilapia as I always forget to ask for it. I do wonder why they don’t have one of the most traditional topping for curry rice, the hamburger patty. It seems like it would be a great addition to the menu. If you are ever in Manhattan be sure to try Go! Go! Curry at least once. I know I go to 273 W 38th St whenever I get the chance.

UPDATE: There is now a new location in the West Village at 231 Thompson St.


5 thoughts on “Otaku NYC: Go! Go! Curry

  1. sdshamshel says:

    Spreading Go Go Curry love.

    One thing that I think is worth mentioning is that it’s very hard to avoid pork entirely at Go Go because the sauce itself contains pork. You can order rice with no sauce and chicken, but they’ll charge you full price for it. That said, the chicken katsu is top-notch and it might be somewhat worth it to do that.

    I sometimes wonder if they simply don’t have the space for making hamburg.

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