Don’t Get TOO Attached to Anyone

Finally a podcast where I get to talk about Fate/Extra CCC for an hour. Oh wait. That would be horrible. So instead I did an appearance on the Eroge Bus podcast with the Digital Bug from Reisen Goes to School by Bus. The main topic is Kara no Shoujo which I already discussed the demo of on the blog but now we talk about the full release from MangaGamer. It is an unusual erotic detective visual novel with a strong emphasis on the player actually solving the mystery. We also discuss visual novel news and upcoming releases in the visual novel world. Also since it is me Type-Moon comes up like 20 times and we discuss Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. I might also eat up the news that Key’s Rewrite sold way below expectations like sweet candy.

Eroge Bus – Episode 3

I suppose I should have a picture of what I actually spent a bulk of my time talking about.


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