All Points Bulletin: The First Great Dragon*Con Robbery

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Hisui’s picks:

Narutaki’s picks:

  • New Manga Announcements

    • Ball Meets Girl
      This is the new series starting from Chihiro Tamaki of Walkin’ Butterfly fame and Masaya Tsunamoto of Giant Killing greatness. I’m really looking forward to a collaborative sports manga from these two running in a shonen magazine which makes me extra curious.
    • Young Black Jack
      How could one not be excited about more Black Jack manga? Obviously we can expect big differences from Tezuka’s work, but it is still an exciting project. It takes place when Black Jack first starts to be a surgeon. I’m not too familiar with Yu-Go Okuma’s work so I can only wait and see.
    • Christie: London Massive
      Just on the heels of Seven Seas license of Christie High Tension (being renamed Young Miss Holmes) for U.S. release, we hear that the series is getting a sequel. This one features Holmes’s brilliant niece all grown up and continuing to take on mysteries. I’m familiar with the original series, excited about the states release, and looking forward to this sequel!
  • The Great MW3 Heist
    Did you care that MW3 was being sold early on eBay? Well, for shame that you missed this way crazier news. In France two masked men rammed a truck and used tear gas to steal it and the 6,000 copies of the game inside. Video games so coveted that people plan heists around them, the modern world is amazing!
  • 18 Animated Features Qualify for Oscars
    It is interesting to note that everything foreign is 2D while all but one of the U.S. releases are 3D, granted there are 3 times as many from the U.S. My bets for nominations are on Winnie-the-Pooh, Rango, Rio, Tin Tin, and Cars 2. I don’t think Cars 2 deserves to be there mind, but it is Pixar so I expect it to get a nod. I’d really like to see A Cat in Paris in the running but I don’t know if anything international will make it with so many others out this year. Chico and Rita looks very good but I haven’t had a chance to see it. As far as a winner, I’d like Winnie, hands down, but I’m not really sure that will happen.

This weeks picture of the week was submitted by Patz from Insert-Disc:


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