All Points Bulletin: Racing to the Theater for the Trailers

If you have any suggestions for what to highlight on an APB drop us a line via email or Twitter.

Narutaki’s picks:

  • Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse!
    The 18th was Mickey’s 83rd birthday!
  • New Trailers

    • Pixar’s Brave
      I love it already! It is fantasy, it has a cool female protagonist, the animation looks breathtaking. June is much too far away!
    • The Hunger Games
      If you aren’t looking forward to this, well then I am sad. I was a big fan of the book and by the look of things they are staying true to the vision. I felt less happy with the second and third books, but for right now I can just revel in the fantastic going into work bringing the first to life on the big screen.
    • The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
      I always like Daniel Craig so I was interested in this, but after seeing the trailer I’m very excited. A big international bestseller, which I haven’t actually read yet, but looks to be a stunning mystery.
  • Tiger and Bunny Get Films
    Many of us have been wondering where this surprise phenomenon of the year was going next and now we have an answer. There is no mention of the story, but we can all just be happy they are happening. Is it too much to ask for a Sky High focused movie? And the internet can hopefully stop complaining about the CG since this will presumably have a film budget?
  • Toy Story Fashion
    These Toy Story inspire fashions from Japanese designer bossini 系列 are pretty rad. I especially like the Slinky Dog muffler!

Hisui’s picks:

In hopes of his own movie!

4 thoughts on “All Points Bulletin: Racing to the Theater for the Trailers

  1. VF5SS says:

    Wait do you guys sit on these posts ’cause I already responded to your question in a show :3

    There may be another one going up today as well.

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