All Points Bulletin: The Brave Red Dragon

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Hisui’s picks:

Narutaki’s picks:

  • Manga Awards in France
    As you probably know, the French consume a hefty portion of the international manga market. They also get some wildly different titles from us in the U.S. These nominees for the Festival International de la Bande Dessinee will give you a good idea. And of course it once again shoves in our faces how they get Saint Young Men and we never will.
  • Interview with Brave’s Brenda Chapman
    Brenda is the original creator of Brave and helmed the project as director but was replaced because of “creative differences.” You don’t get any better answers on that question but you do get backstory for the film. There is also a Part 1 of the interview where she talks about her time at Disney and other projects.
  • Gunpla Builders World Cup in Japan
    I’m sure it will come as no surprise that the representatives for Japan in the World Cup are freakin’ ridiculous. The sets they build for the mecha are an added bonus of amazing. 
  • Twin Earth Found!
    Well, kinda, it the planet discovered that is most like our own (so far). It is 600 light years away! There are still many unknowns about the planet like whether it is mostly rock, gas, or liquid but it is still one of those cool finds that gets you giddy with science-fiction possibilities.
  • The X-Men is the Next Logical Step
    Brain Michael Bendis has announced he is exiting as writer for Avengers/New Avengers in the summer. I can’t imagine anyone else writing New Avengers, which he formed, probably because no one else has. This Op-Ed is about speculating that he will move over to writing X-Men which he has yet to do. I am really excited about this possibility thanks to the article and it softens the blow about New Avengers a bit. Now let’s just hope this article was predicting the future!
  • Behind the Scenes of Arthur Christmas
    This in-depth talk with the creators went a long way in making me want to see this film. From visual technique to the life of the story, everything is touched upon. This might be my next favorite holiday film!

Let us not forget that Japan is still rebuilding and readjusting after earthquake:


One thought on “All Points Bulletin: The Brave Red Dragon

  1. drmchsr0 says:

    RE: Red Dragon

    I have no idea what system they’ll be using, but I can forsee this venture going to pot from the very beginning, unless the gamemaster is very experienced (and he should be), considering at least one of them will be new to this.

    Being a veteran of tabletop RPGs, I can honestly say that I really wanna see the transcripts. And a few friends I know would love to see the mess as well. I MEAN, IT IS /TG/ RELATED AFTER ALL, NECKBEARDS MUST WHINE AND MOAN ABOUT NIGGLY BITS LIKE CHARACTER OPTIMIZATION AND ALL.

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