You’re the Best Around!

I was recently on the Otaku in Review podcast to discuss the best anime of 2011. Scott Spaziani from the Otaku in Review blog and Michael from the Otaku Gamer, who are the hosts of the podcast, were joined by Dustin Christianson from Bakacast, Kristina Pino from Japanator and Tomopop, and myself. We each discussed out top three anime of the years, the worst title 0f the year, as well as the titles that disappointed us the most. I of course picked three titles as my top three that no one else did. If that makes me have a broader watching palate or just a philistine is up for you to decide. Although Bunny Drop was the hand down winner on the podcast the picture is Penguindrum because I think it is the show Narutaki and I can both agree in our opinion was one of the best of the year.

Episode 97: The Best Anime of 2011


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