All Points Bulletin: Electric Barbarella

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Hisui’s picks:

Narutaki’s picks:

  • Just How Big IS One Piece?
    This info-graphic puts it in simple terms.
  • Long-lost Animated Version of The Hobbit
    We all love the animated version of The Hobbit from the 1970’s (and if you don’t, I don’t care about you). But an insane story emerged just recently about the first ever version that was made in 1966 but was never public. It was done in just one month and was pretty much a shady cash grab. If you’ve watched TV cartoons from the 60’s, the style should look immediately familiar to you.
  • Kickstarter Campaign Reaches Goal in Just 2 Days for Tezuka’s Barbara
    DMP’s fundraising to re-release Swallowing the Earth worked so well they are trying it again with another Tezuka work, Barbara. In just two days the $6500 goal was reached, that is an incredible turn around! Perhaps this will be the future of niche manga releases in the U.S.
  • DC Comics Getting a New Logo?
    This logo makes me sad, it is really nothing special or iconic in any way.

The one true pairing involving Hinagiku:


5 thoughts on “All Points Bulletin: Electric Barbarella

  1. VF5SS says:

    thank you for chewing through three hours of talking

    cuz i think it was worth it

    also I think people have started admitting to enjoying Zero now that Frontier has given them missile blowjobs.

    As for II? We’ll see who I can scare up to discuss it. Unless you want to do that.

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