All Points Bulletin: Neoclassical Romanticism

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Hisui’s picks:

Narutaki’s picks:

  • Love Scars
    Special for upcoming Valentines Day, Comics Alliance has a new series “Love Hurts” which features some of the most hilarious (and creepy) romance comics of the past. All brought to you by the very funny Chris Sims. It is a shame this column will not continue after the holiday!
  • GO ETU!!!
    At least Adidas understands my love for Giant Killing! They are releasing a slue of apparel from uniforms to scarves (do want!). It is all limited edition so I’m not sure I’ll ever get my hands on it though.
  • Monsuno Killed the Dinosaurs
    According to the press release for this new Nickelodeon animated series. Evil alien DNA, end of the world, monsters, sounds like a series worth giving a shot later this month.
  • NOT Disney’s Snow Queen Film
    This is a trailer for a new Russian re-telling of their classic story, coming out at the end of 2012. It is the first major CG production for them and looks pretty impressive. Since the trailer is in English, hopefully that means it will see a wider release and not just be available to film festivals throughout next year.
  • Let’s Pretend There is an Incredibles 2
    With this concept art it isn’t too hard to let your imagination run wild. We all want a sequel to Pixar’s most sequelable (?) movie, but still any plans for it elude our watchful eyes.
  • Is Marvel’s Public Image Spiraling Out of Control?
    There has been a lot of bad press for the company lately and with mounting lawsuits, complaints, and outcry things don’t seem to be getting better. The big two have always had shady dealings marring their past but it isn’t in the past at all. Just this week Marvel demanded $17,000 from the creator of Ghost Rider for profiting from his creation. Then in an interview Marvel’s publisher tried to tell us that they do not do crossovers, nope never, which is just plain strange and not true. It doesn’t seem like a big deal perhaps, but lying to your fanbase makes them question why you did so. The more we learn about the company, the less people are willing to ignore these things and at some point they may be pushed too far.

A most amusing cross over:


2 thoughts on “All Points Bulletin: Neoclassical Romanticism

  1. Adam Wednesdays says:

    I honestly laughed when I read Dan Buckley claiming that Marvel doesn’t do crossovers. I can only imagine the meeting where they came up with that rebranding, and the twisted anti-logic that they had to give birth to to convince themselves. This is the sort of thing that’s really burning me out on American comics…

    I might try the new Eureka 7 anime, despite the fact that the kids from the original were so obnoxious I kept hoping they’d fall out of the spaceship and die a very squishy death.

    I’ve tried watching the first “Eureka 7” twice now, and I just can’t stand it. And the weird thing is, I can’t even put my finger on what it is about it exactly that bothers me (besides the obnoxious children that is; but it’s not like E7 is the first show to write children that way). And that’s probably what bothers me the most about it, the fact that my dislike of it is so irrational. It seems like a show that I SHOULD like, but I just end up hating the main characters and getting annoyed with the show, even though there’s not good reason. So maybe this will do it for me. Or at least let me put my finger on what bothers me about “Eureka 7” so much.

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