All Points Bulletin: David Beckham and the Bolsheviks

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Hisui’s picks:

Narutaki’s picks:

  • More Characters Revealed for Wreck-It-Ralph
    If you haven’t already heard about the upcoming video game based animated feature from Disney, shame on you. Anyway some new images and information was posted. Cameos include Dr. Wiley, Bowser, and Zangief among others.
  • The ABCinema Short
    This short animation going through the alphabet using different films as inspiration is wonderfully executed. It goes by fast though so it is hard to catch all the references!
  • Reimagined Indiana Jones Posters
    Get a graphic designers seal of approval!
  • Do Not Look Directly At The David Beckham
    Kate Beaton’s sketch from her new tumblr left me very amused. This mostly sketch tumblr will keep you satisfied while waiting for more Hark! A Vagrant. 

Everyone has their theories about what Quarians look like under their masks. Pixiv is no exception.

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