All Points Bulletin: Spider-Man and Empire

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Hisui’s picks:

Narutaki’s picks:

  • The Eye of Sauron Exists. In Space.
    In a galaxy far, far away (but still closer than any other that has an actively expanding black hole) the evil of the world is keeping tabs on you!
  • Spider-Man is the Best Superhero EVERS
    One of the best pieces of comic commentary I’ve read recently, well-written, thoughtful, and full of love; it says it all and reminds me why I love Spider-Man. And also Batman.
  • SimCity Steals My Life
    Or it will steal it when a new entry in the series comes out in 2013. I have been seriously addicted in the past so if this new installment is anywhere near as interesting as they are promising, I may be glued again.
  • Classics Go Comic
    New covers for some Penguin Classics will have art by great comic artist! Loving that Mike Mignola cover.
  • Reaction Links
    I totally enjoy Reaction Guys usage. This is pretty well done, though I would say you really only need the first three panels.
  • Idealized But Not Equal
    This excellent article breaks down the well-trod path of female superheroes VS. male superheroes and does so with clear and simple examination and example.

Go! Go! Lets Go March!

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