All Points Bulletin: Reinhard D. Lohengramm

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Hisui’s picks:

Narutaki’s picks:

  • Delicious Design
    Do you know Pantone chips? Do you want to eat them? Well, now your dreams have come true. While these aren’t chip flavors, they still fit the bill quite well.
  • Why One Piece is a Hit Time and Again
    One Piece’s unwavering loyalty to its roots keeps it great for the long haul. The observation of Luffy not having an inner monologue is also a excellent point.
  • Brave: New or Old?
    Two articles discussing whether Pixar’s upcoming Brave trods new ground or not are just one more thing I’m thinking about before the film comes out. I disagree with Otaku-kun and him lumping all females in Disney in the same camp. I think Mulan took a nice step forward where her purpose was not romance based at all, but she fell in love along the way. At the same time, Erik takes the opposite almost too far. Afterall, in the latest trailer we do see that Merida’s parents are trying to have her hand won in a tournament. Still, I agree that Brave doesn’t look to have romance at its forefront and may not tackle it all. If it wasn’t already obvious, I’m looking forward to this film most of all this summer.
  • Gameboys . . . ROLL OUT!

Without Noboru Ishiguro would the Legend of the Galactic Heroes anime been the same?


4 thoughts on “All Points Bulletin: Reinhard D. Lohengramm

  1. Adam Wednesdays says:

    I know this is a great fan sin… but I’ve never seen anything directed by Ishiguro.

    *covers face to protect it from imminent pelting*

    I’ve heard great things about “Megazone,” “Yamato,” and “Galatic Heroes,” but I just haven’t gotten around to watching them.

    Which one is the best one to start with?

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