All Points Bulletin: From Dubai to Sternbild City

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Hisui’s picks:

Narutaki’s picks:

  • The Successful 1st Year of Middle East Film & Comic-Con
    I have never been to the Dubai myself, but this report has a great overview of the city and the convention. I’m always curious about fandom outside of the U.S.
  • Learn a New Language ASAP!
    Looks pretty concise. I’m going to try out this method myself. The estimates of time needed for a harder language like Japanese is longer, but still since I know some basics the 6 month time frame seems doable for a certain amount of understanding. Besides the part about watching Japanese TV shows, I think we’ve all got that down.
  • I’d Rather Be in Westeros
    A great essay about the portrayal of women in HBO series Girls VS. Game of Thrones. And I really must agree, “If this is the stereotype offered of today’s modern woman, I’d rather be in Westeros.”
  • Sherlock is a Rock Star
    This is a recap of the BBC Sherlock event in NYC, it sounds a bit nuts. I can’t really blame them, but apparently PBS had no clue what they were in for.
  • Disney’s First Indian Animation
    Arjun is a fantasy story about a great hero, always a plus. The animation is interesting, a seeming hybrid of CG and cell-shading. It opens later this month but of course has no U.S. plans. I’m hoping this will show up at the New York International Children’s Film Fest next year.

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