The NEXT Best Thing

hisuiconIt appears that I will be doing a solo run at AnimeNEXT this year. For everyone who wanted to see Narutaki at a NE convention they will just have to wait for Otakon. Until then I will be there with my reporters hat on taking in everything there is to see. I am a little disappointed there are no super keen Japanese anime guests but such is life. That usually just means that 2013 will have someone amazing. I did notice a good deal of abridged panels. That and Pokemon panels. Odd to see so many of them.

For the three people who care that also means that my Fate/Zero review will be delayed. Not EXACTLY sure when I will get that out but I will try to write it up sooner rather than later. No promises.

Until then here is my tentative schedule. As always this is subject to my fickle whims as well as my need for food and sleep.


1:00 – Spoilers! The Good, the Bad, and the WTF of Anime Endings
2:00 –  Martial Arts Fight Scenes 3: The Video Games Connection
3:00 – Professor Layton Bingo
4:30 – 15 Recommended Manga for Grownups
6:00 – Yokai Nation
7:00 – AMV Contest Screening
9:00 – Adaptations in Anime/Manga
10:00 – Science in Anime
11:00 – The Changing Faces of Manga
12:00 – Berserk Panel (Why Kentaro Miura Will Never Finish the Series) [Is this secretly an iDOLM@STER Panel?]


10:00 – Legend of Korra Discussion Panel
11:00 – Obtain the Pass, Attend the Con, Visit the Homestuck Panel
2:00 – Cartoons of the 80s and 90s
4:30 – Satsuki Q & A
6:00 – Making Your Nerd Job a Reality
7:30 – Style and Substance: 50 Years of Anime Openings
9:00 – The Secret World of Arrietty
11:00 – Chipocrite Concert

10:00 – Jojo’s Posing School
12:00 – Satsuki & Toshihiro Fukuoka
2:00 – Sinigami in Anime

3 thoughts on “The NEXT Best Thing

  1. matty manzarek (@matty_125) says:

    I want to be like hisui when I grow up, too!
    “[Is this secretly an iDOLM@STER Panel?]
    That would be amazing.

    It’s cool that you have concerts towards midnight. Some concerts at Anime Expo start before dinner. What is this, a Bruce Springsteen Concert?

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