All Points Bulletin: Friendly Neighborhood Iron Man

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Hisui’s picks:

Narutaki’s picks:

  • Gackt Is the Final Boss
    Double happy news this weekend! Sengoku Basara will be starting a live-action TV series adaption in July with Gackt playing Oda Nobunaga. It is very weird seeing Gackt with a mustache. Gackt will also be performing the ending song for the series “Hakuro” so that means a new single. I’m reminded that his previous two singles have been for anime/videogames, too.
  • Fix-It-Flex!
    Play the game the upcoming Disney movie Wreck-It-Ralph is supposed to be based on. Classic and simple it certainly has an arcade feel. I got pretty far and other obstacles are added as you move up the building, I’m curious if there is an actual ending.
  • You’re Oppressed? Me too!
    Great article putting into perspective the idea of oppression VS. someone makes fun of you on the internet. It further delves into how this can actually hurt people in need by creating a desensitized look at oppression.
  • All Spider-Man, All Week
    New York City is so crazy, starting Monday, Junt 25th they are devoting a week’s worth of events to the famous webcrawler leading up to the release of the new movie. While my feelings on the film remain conflicted, a week’s worth of Spidey-themed stuff sounds like tons of fun. Signings, prizes, scavengers hunts, museum exhibits, etc.!
  • Feminist Frequency Kickstarter Successful Despite Internet Asshats
    I couldn’t possibly come up with a better title. There has been a lot, A LOT, of recent things going on with women and videogames of late. This is one of the piece of it. The Tropes VS. Women Kickstarter campaign has been inundated with some seriously vile attacks, which pretty much prove the point for the need to talk about this stuff. And this is for a series of videos that hasn’t even been made yet. If you have a chance Feminist Frequency has done other really good videos about women in media worth checking out.

Probably did not expect this one:

One thought on “All Points Bulletin: Friendly Neighborhood Iron Man

  1. Adam Wednesdays says:

    Wow. That “Internet Asshats” article is so depressing. I’m not surprised that people act like that anymore, but I just don’t understand what would inspire people to be such raging buttwipes.

    I’m glad that these discussions about portrayal and treatment of women/minorities are happening so openly of late, because it really needs to be talked about. But wading through the sludge and slime of all the asshattery is possibly the quickest way to decrease my faith in humanity.

    Also… transabled? The hell? As someone who actually suffers from a (fairly mild, admittedly) disability: you people are absurd.

    But on a positive note, that Takarazuka show seems like it would be all kinds of awesome. My anime nerd and theater nerd buttons are tingling.

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