All Points Bulletin: Gundam Damacy

If you have any suggestions for what to highlight on an APB drop us a line via email or Twitter.

Hisui’s picks:

  • Century Color, Million Color
    Carl Li from Ogiue Maniax finally finishes up Turn A Gundam after starting it so long ago. As Turn A is my favorite Gundam series I always enjoy reading thoughtfully positive reviews of the series. In many way it was probably the best way for Tomino to finish his run as a director of Gundam series.
  • The Origin of Sayla Mass
    As I have been behind on Gundam AGE I have also fallen behind on listen to Gundamn. But I had to listen to the latest episode as it has Ed Chavez talking about the upcoming release of Gundam: The Origin. He also talks about manga and being a cool dude in general. As he always does.
  • Gone But Not Forgotten and Then Back Again. Also the Cage.
    After a Bit of a Hiatus the OSMCast finally releases a brand new (if slightly old) podcast. This time they talk about Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance with Daryl Surat from the AWO, Niko from CineGeek, and a Caleb who is not OneGreatTurtle. Hopefully the OSMCast is back in the saddle and ready to ride again.
  • More Developer than a 1 Hour Photo Booth
    Most video games podcasts are a group of super fans shooting the breeze about what they like and don’t about what they are playing and discussing the fandom. Sometimes they are professional super fans. But the Atlanta Game Development Podcast has two game developers showing you behind the curtain of video games which is a wholly unique conversation that is worth checking out.
  • Type-Moon News Round Up

Narutaki’s picks:

  • Current List for Best Animated Feature Oscar Nominations
    Since a couple of us were just thinking about what would be pushed for Oscars, this is a handy rundown of what has been submitted so far. We’ve still got time to go so this list with hopefully expand to 16+ which will let the category hold five nominees this year. I currently have my fingers crossed for Paranorman.
  • Katamari Webcomic
    This series was just announced. The artwork is perfect for it, I can’t wait to read it! I’ll try to stop by the Shifty Look booth and panels at NYCC, too.
  • Mars in HD
    Just wow, seeing the Curiosity footage so clearly does enhance the experience. Simply amazing, a completely other world!
  • If Real Names Were Like an MMO


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