All Points Bulletin: Trans-Am Grimlock

If you have any suggestions for what to highlight on an APB drop us a line via email or Twitter.

Narutaki’s picks:

  • SimCity Will Steal My Life
    With the release of the first gameplay footage for the new SimCity in development, I’m becoming more sure I’ll be obsessed with it.
  • Is Etsy Full of Awesome Shoes?
    I feel like most of what I come across that impresses me is shoe related! These Game of Thrones customs are pretty cool.
  • “Hoodies, Roll Out!”
    Why do these Optimus Prime and Grimlock hoodies say “costume,” I’d wear them anytime!

Hisui’s picks:

Dinorobots are the best!

One thought on “All Points Bulletin: Trans-Am Grimlock

  1. Adam Wednesdays says:

    Ah, Sim City: you were addictive enough when you came on floppy disk and ran on my Macintosh Performa back in elementary school. Now, you may well be unstoppable. Fingers crossed that there are still alien attacks like in the good ol’ days :).

    As for Gundamn 00: is it worth watching? I hear such mixed things about it.

    And a sick, sad part of me still wants to watch SEED Destiny to see if its really as bad as everyone says… but then I remember that I couldn’t even make it through the first SEED.

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