Secret Santa 2012 Project Reveal

In the world of the anime blogosphere Christmas happens a little differently than the normal Americana depiction of the 25th. Here the bloggers run downstairs as Tokyo Tower is in flames due to an alien invasion while sickly moe girls cling to life as they battle dramatic BS diseases and try to enjoy one last Christmas before they die.

Also in the anime blogosphere the writers don’t run downstairs to get their gifts. They already unwrapped those back in November. Some have thoroughly enjoyed their presents and learned to love anime again. Other have tried to return their foul gifts in hopes of getting back anything else in return. Even L/R: Licensed by Royalty will do. But everyone is richer for the experience (although sometimes richer due to tears of blood.)

But now is the time to learn which thoughtful Bodhisattva or wicked demon gave you your recommendations:


22 thoughts on “Secret Santa 2012 Project Reveal

  1. kevo says:

    Will this list be updated? Lerxst writes for me now and posted his review today, and I will get my own review out this week. Always interesting to see who recommended what. LANDONNNNNNN :P

  2. Kuro says:

    I’m already done with my Secret Santa post. Thanks for Bitmap for giving me a great list to choose from! This Secret Santa was an enjoyable experience for me.

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