All Points Bulletin: Chunibyo Propaganda Posters

If you have any suggestions for what to highlight on an APB drop us a line via email or Twitter.

Narutaki’s picks:

    It seems like every week now there is a piece of technology that blows my mind, this time it is new tablet capabilities with a keyboard. If this is where they are going, I’m glad I haven’t bought anything yet because the future looks amazing.
  • Live Action Toy Story
    No seriously, like a frame for frame live action version of the movie. It is kind of insanely good.
  • Vintage FF Posters
    Nice! I think my favorites are V, IX, XII, XIII. And when I say favorites, I mean of the posters not necessarily the games themselves, although I am a huge fan of IX.

Hisui’s picks:

FFIX! Now I want to play it again…


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