All Along the Watchtower

Our second D&D games was in a city and the party was split up so I figured I would give two different perspective of what some of the PCs were doing. Or at least the PCs who constantly were getting into trouble. Aranel was mostly doing a lot of quiet investigation this game so she won’t really come up that much. But sometimes not causing a ruckus is the best thing you can do. Someone has to break out the other PCs when they get thrown in jail and are to be executed the next day.

That did not happen. But it almost did.


The Militia of the Watch

From the log book of the Smaragaid Militia:

Evening Watch, 1st Sands: Patrolman Alroy
Ogma Academy taking applications. Quiet compared to last year. Guards have been weeding out duds & troublemakers.

Horse mounted noble challenging warriors stopped harassing travelers. No further incidents at town entrance.

Perpetration underway for security of VIPs tonight. Met with liaison from Navy and Magic School. Patrolwoman Cara will have meeting with Ludunum troop.

Evening Watch 2nd Sands: Patrolwoman Cara

I met with Mr. Ivats, the man in charge of the Opera being preformed tonight. We went over the basic security procedures and procured a full schedule of events. My team also did a quick search of all the players involved tonight. The Navy seems to be taking over all security past this point but we are running a few extra patrols in the area as well.

The number of disappearances in the area has been usually high beyond the usually missing people due to crimping and disputes. On a less busy night we should have Murtag and Alroy investigate those missing tanners that were reported this morning.

Evening Watch 3rd Sands: Patrolman Alroy

Calm night. Primo match at the Mermaid’s Smile has a good calming effect.

Stopped mugging in front of butchers. Suspect criminals were trying to raise money to enter tournament.

Evening Watch 4th Sands: Patrolwoman Cara

A most unusual ruckus at the Opera house. A human, dwarf, and a half-elf sneaked into the back of the theater and stole some costume navy uniforms. One of them ran up to Admiral Blair’s to try to warn him of a plan to rob his mansion. Mr. Ivats, then accused the three of being assassin for a Saranel Cult. They in turn accused him of being the infamous thief, Nikifor.

After a tense standoff the Mac An Arigid was able to discern the truth and discover that the motley crew of mercenaries were telling the truth and that the Blair, Donaid, and Mac An Arigid households were being robbed simultaneously. After a chase crewmen Jarlath and the mercenaries caught Nikifor and brought him in for questioning.

Evening Watch 5th Sands: Patrolman Murtag

Patrolman Alroy, Patrolwoman Cara, and three contingent of marines have gone to secure the mansion that were targeted tonight. Two teams of off duty militia have been formed just to do additional patrols in case the robberies are a diversion for some other criminal activity.

Evening Watch 6th Sands: Patrolman Murtag

16 of the 23 members of the Nikifor gang have been captured. The Navy has stepped in and it seems they will be in charge of everything as the robbery of an Admiral’s house makes this a Navy matter. The Navy and Ogma Academy are already forming search parties to round-up the few members of the gang who have escaped so far. Almost everything was recovered.

5 thieves were killed and an additional 6 were injured by security measures in place at all three mansions.

The additional patrols have been reporting no unusual activity.

Evening Watch 7th Sands: Patrolman Alroy

Paladin found standard Grandfather Fence scheme. Three man team. 2 polymorphed members. One younger other older. Recovered items from a mixture of victims. Cannot currently identify owners. Some items distinctive. Maybe enough for research.

Evening Watch 8th Sands: Patrolwoman Cara

The Primo tournament seems to be starting with no complications. The church officials seem to be keeping the game on the up and up. Or at least honest in respect to magical cheating. I doubt any game in this town is played totally straight. An additional patrol will swing my every sand just to make sure it stays this pleasant especially with the amount of money now in the jackpot.

Turning over the watch to the morning patrol shift.


The Spirit of Justice


Planks used to make ships.


A newly drilled mineshaft in the search for gold.


What you get with your bed at an inn.


What happens to an unlucky huntsman hunting a wild pig.

I have nothing to do in this all too dull town. Oh there are plenty of things to do theoretically. In this static town of static creatures the so-called chaos is mostly tied to very predictable patterns. The criminal element seems disorganized but overall it is just a different form of patterns as compared to the law. The fun I could have with them. But I made a promise to stay out of trouble. A foolish foolish promise.


This could not be more opportune. Crenshaw is just playing with his mace by the fire. Now he is just putting the mace in the fire like it was a roast pig.

OK. That is a little creepy.

Now I can’t get into trouble. BUT if I merely give Crenshaw some information that is entirely another matter all together. And anyone casually roasting their mace in the fire has to be game for some adventure.

OK. I think he now thinks he is cray but perhaps this is best. Hopefully an insane Crenshaw is an amiable Crenshaw.

Oh Foo. They brought along the Paladin. I know he can see me. It took him a bit but it is clear his eyes have begun to track me. Damn.Thankfully I stayed out of convenient “I’m going to squish you little pixie range.”

I was really getting into character too. It’s obvious they knew I was not a Spirit of Justice but it is just such a fun role. I think we were all having fun. And that is what makes a role great. All roles are known by the audience to be an illusion. But when the performance is true then everyone lives in the illusion despite the truth.

Oh well. Static or free all sentient life (or at least life worth living) is interested in a little adventure. As they as they are still willing to play along then the game is still afoot.

I thought I would enjoy them adding chaos to the robberies more than this but it just goes to show that good performers will often liven up an opera in ways the director never intended. This little band of performs is doing just that. Pretending to be actors, stealing costumes, clowns tripping over themselves, betrayals, accusations,  debate, a grand chase, and an epic show down.

Now this is good opera semiseria.

Chaos has been fomented well enough tonight. I must get back before she wonders what exactly I have been doing. I’m not exactly sure I want to explain any of this.

On occasion I like something that is just my little adventure.


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