Wallpaper: Barrage Cast

narutaki I’ve decided to start posting some of the wallpapers I make. They are just for my personal use, but I figure hey why not share! I’ll be sharing them in three standard sizes, but if anyone requests a specific ratio I can probably make it for you without much of a problem.

I really enjoyed the recent series Barrage from Weekly Shonen Jump, apparently I was the only one? Since it ended up being only two volumes, I recommend you check it out! It was a lot of fun.

1920×1080     1280×1024     320×480


3 thoughts on “Wallpaper: Barrage Cast

  1. gordanham says:

    Really nice wallpaper. What program did you use to make it?

    And I really like Barrage as well. Sad seeing it fail so quick, with the author’s previous work getting cancelled in 5 volumes only just the year before. It seems a lot of authors will at least have one dud before getting a hit in Jump. Some of Jumps most recent and successful series are all from authors who have had cancelled series, like 2 or 3 volumes, in the past. Nisekoi, Haikyu, and PSI Saiki are all examples of failed rookies coming back with hits. The new series, World Trigger, is from a previously failed rookie too, though it could always be another sad Barrage case scenario…..

    And just a little aside. I totally think that right now Jump in Japan is just at its battle manga capacity. The current children in their target age demographic has basically lived in a world where there has always been One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. By the time they knew about it, they were already popular and never even had to fathom them getting cancelled. It seems that rankings now-a-days are just basically representative of what series could give the kids the best laugh that week. Pretty tough for any battle manga to even have a chance, especially if they want a moderately passed beginning to set up epics like the big three.
    Jump has basically shown this is true too, with the only battle manga making it out alive in recent years is Toriko, which didn’t do well in rankings as well, but the editors kept it serialized because they saw potential down the line, which did end up paying off.

    Oh. Did you know the creator of Barrage has a pixiv too? Pretty cool.

    Sorry for always basically giving you walls of text when you mention Shonen manga, but I hope you find some edutainment in them a little.

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