Letters from Atman: My First D&D Campaign Pt. 5

narutaki Our third and fourth sessions are when I finally felt like I contributed something important to the party. I was able to see what Aranel is good at and figure out her role to make a difference in the outcome of events. In fact, everyone each added some specialty during these games that made us feel like a team; like we knew why these characters had banded together.

We spent a good portion of these sessions in combat, quite unexpectedly, but I suppose like most D&D parties, we go looking for trouble. And we also met a slue of new characters as well as doing a healthy amount of exploring.

Before leaving the city, the party decided to track down more information about the demonic cult that we’d been encountering since our journey across the water. Aranel was able to track them to a warehouse which ended up being a huge underground headquarters. We wound up completely decimating their place of operation, battling a sulfur monster (who I lit on fire), freeing a Fae lord (among others), and finding a boat load of cash.

We figured out how to utilize each character’s strengths creating a wonderful synergy making this encounter both memorable and rewarding. Each moment flowed into the next making for an exciting back and forth. Aranel did the tracking (and a bit of stabbing), Xin was able to get in the warehouse for some scouting, Crenshaw and Faramond were indispensable fighters, and Sam had the good sense to free the Fae lord.

And that was just one day!

After leaving our current roost, we entered an underground and abandoned Elven city. There we encountered a group of bandits, a Legion Mole (ewww), a bevy of eccentric warriors, and the sprawling and mysterious city.

I found myself enjoying the snooping around and exploring much more than the battles. However, I think that is why you have a group so some portions are more suited to different party members. The battles are fun to listen to but I’m just not as relevant to them, yet, and that is okay. I was just glad to see all of us being a part of the story and sharing ideas and information freely. We are now a team!

For information about my character and other party members, check out Part 3 of my Letters from Atman posts. For more information about our adventures and the world of Atman, follow Hisui’s posts recounting the sessions.


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