Dux and Chloe’s Excellent Adventure

I decided two combine the last two sessions into a single piece of fiction. This is less a matter of me artistically putting together two sessions that only work as a single piece and more the fact that we had to tinker with the schedule and play two weeks in a row. But if it makes anyone feel better I used two very intricately linked characters to do this so its not entirely artistically devoid of all substance.

Plus who does not love an energetic “Spirit of Justice?”


Mounichion 4th

So I finally met the ragtag bunch Skyfall sent me last night.

They seems competent enough. I put some of them through the paces. They passed muster. A little bit too honest for my tastes but that probably means they will get along with you better anyway.

Well they are certainly poor gamblers I will say that much. I watched they money I lent them to play in the tournament disappear like so much smoke. You would think seasoned mercs would be a little better at Primo.

You should know by now that your luck rarely transfers to the people around you. Otherwise Iskios would be a far luckier man. Also we might not be down two allies recently.

That’s a disturbingly mercenary way to putting things.

Well we are mercenaries. And you know I don’t pull punches with you.

Well we have to see how this meeting goes. They might not be as out of the game as we suspect.

Assuming this is not a horrible trap.

Which it might be.

Which it probably is.  Enough chit chat. Lets start the day.

I need to go down to the hen house and look up what the Princes are doing for Aranel. I’m curious to see how she reacts to news about our dysfunctional gods.

Are you sure you want to open up that front? We have enough on our board as it is without adding mad mages. I mean I love the idea. But I also worry about you.

I think it’s worth the minimal risk. Plus what I don’t know just might kill me.


Yes. Yes. Yes. The silent, invisible, flying magical pixie was able to keep up with with a trained runner better than the elf who has to go out of her way not to be spotted on busy streets. You make it seem like you did not lose the kid at one point and just use Aranel to spot him again. We are a team. When one of us stumbles the others should pick them up.

I just believe very strongly in the ME in team.

OK little ninja. I’m sure they are going to send in Xin when we raid this place. Can you back him up with a smidgen less hubris?

I make no promises. I only guarantee I will be awesome.

Hey little Miss “I only guarantee I will be awesome”, are you going to contribute anything to this battle? 

Look. I’m still backing up Xin. It’s not my fault he’s just hiding under the stairs. How about this? Those Fouillis Horloges are wreaking havoc next door. How about I  follow in their wake and do some reconnaissance? How does that sound? You can be Dux of the 21 if your lucky. Loot! Loot! Loot!

I don’t think I want anything from this place. I have enough problems without adding infernally tainted artifacts to my life. More than they already are.

Aranel is getting closer to discovering you. She clearly has some formal investigative training. Along with her Caiscin Ranger training it is clear there is more to her than her being some bumpkin from the sticks who decided to take up the bow. Better to play your reveal now as opposed to you getting discovered at an inconvenient time.

You just hate lying don’t you.

I like to think I know when you fold a bad hand in hopes of getting a better one.

Mounichion 5th

Well are you glad you did not volunteer to use your Understand Languages spell now? I mean you far too used to hearing random disembodies voices in your head enough as it is. That book was surely the last push you needed.

Whose fault is that?

You make it seem like I would be upset if you joined me on this side of the Great Conflict.


Did you see that? I have to say we are really the lynchpin that keep this team together.

But in all seriousness we are in a bit of a pinch here. That crazy book has your hilt in it. Now they are sending a whole slew of mercenaries after us. This sound exactly like the sort of problems he would get us involved with.

That sounds right. I love him but this smells of the sort of harebrained conspiracy he would find. I thought we were in enough trouble as it is. Now we know the Traditions and the Nanaya clan are involved with this on some level. I have enough real problems as it without boogiemen and fairy tales starting to hunt me.


Mounichion 6th

OK. I’m sick a tried of being quiet. It was nice to flap my wings and my gums for a day but now we picked up all these weirdos. I want to interact with the weirdos. A crazy knight. A stone golem that is a monk. A lizard-man priest. A moth wizard. Whatever the heck that crazy girl in the dress is.

I mean seriously that girl is crazy. Her aura makes no sense. At all.

So what your telling me is you want to go crazy and explore away from the rest of us.


Fine. Fine. Keep in touch with me. We don’t know what is going on here and I worry about you even if you don’t.

Oh my Logrus! Cultists. We have been seeing a lot of these lately.

Don’t worry. These are very different cultists then the ones we ran into before.

I really have to find a way to screw with these bastards.

Please be careful Chloe. There are Glitterdust traps all over this city. I know your good enough to usually avoid them but I worry about you. This is just causal enough that you tend to let your guard down. Be a little safer than usual. For my sake.

Fine. Please don’t plead with me like I’m going off to fight my final battle. But I will take care so relax. I do listen to you believe or not.

Thank you.

So you seem to have been busy.

Oh my. You guys are such wonderful distractions. I was able to get SO much done. Apparently there are three major groups living in this city. Well three groups that I found. There are a lot of places to hide here. There are smugglers, cultists, and slavers. Smugglers are fine upstanding criminals … most of the time. They remind me of myself back in the day. But fuck those cultists and slavers. The can churn in the cold Land of No Changes after they die.

Your fired up today.

So I went around stealing things from each group and then planting the stolen items in the camps of the other groups. It should be wonderful. I stole some nice ceremonial objects from those Ba-Bes lunatics, some elemental manacles from those dirty slavers, and some Crann Nollag items from the other guys. But we really need to get out of here tomorrow because this place is so going to explode.

Don’t worry. I set up most of the items I planted on the slavers and the cultists to have some extras surprises. Don’t worry as long as their competent those smugglers should come out on top.

One day your going to get us both killed.

Everyone eventually dies. Not everyone gets slavers and cultists killed before they died.

Did you find anything fun?

I found a fascinating half completed spell for chain ice. It is definitely going to take some work to make it useable but it will really handy if I can get it to work. I also found a broken staff I might be able to fix with Prima’s help.

So no.

Ummm. Faramond is a weird dude. Can he also commune with the Lords of the Void and the Old Gods? I have no idea what he is saying over that weird box and I’m not sure I want to know.

Oh he just accepted an assassination job. I think I like him a lot more now. I can’t say many Paladins go around being freelance assassins for mysterious foreign voices that come out of magical crystal boxes.

And I always thought you were my oddest acquaintance. You still are. You just have serious competition. The sooner we learn if this is all a trap the happier I will be.

Goodbye dead city that is not really dead … like every other dead city we have been to.

Overall this went fairly well. If the rest of the trip goes this smoothly I will be tickled pink.

But it won’t. So lets prepare for the rest of the day with the others and hopefully we will all make this out with all our limbs intact.


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