Letters from Atman: My First D&D Campaign Pt. 6

narutaki Mysteries! Secrets! Lies! Revelations! Thus ends the first arc in our campaign.

The last two sessions were very intense story wise and there was only minimal amounts of battle to be seen. Instead, we were required to stay on our toes mentally as we were hit with a ton of information from both inside and outside the party.

As we left the underground city and started our path to our final destination, Faramond enlightened us on his past association with an ancient, mysterious group known as the Traditions. That same evening, Xin and Aranel finally shared the strange object they have been calling The Cube with the rest of the party and were able to get quite a few new leads on the many languages written on it. In addition to that, our Fae companion Chloe not only helped with The Cube but also regaled us with a bit of lore.

The next day as we entered the fort, our fellow mercenary Dux was arrested for terrorism against the Elven crown and taken away from us right then and there. Aranel was in for some even bigger surprises as she recognized some very unsavory Elven spies among the fort soldiers as well as Chloe’s confession that Dux was Elven royalty. Once the party was paid for “our trouble” and released, Aranel had a lot of explaining to do. With the help of Chloe, the rest of the group was brought up to speed on the murder of the royal children, the apparently not-so-dead Princess (Dux), Aranel’s sister who was Dux’s lover, and the possible existence of a secret 9th Elven House.

And telling that more than a little complicated story also meant that Aranel had to reveal at least a little bit of who she really is. Aranel is part of a minor noble Elven house that is best known for spying and doing other work for the head of the Elven Navy and spymaster Cailleach Togail. Aranel left her family after her older sister Muirin was killed during the murder of the royal family. As Cailleach doesn’t want appear as having lost any control, she let’s people believe Aranel works for her when she doesn’t and never has.

On top of all that, we decided to enlist the help of some high-class problem-solvers called The Cabal in order to rescue Dux because we were not even close to equipped for the task. The Cabal do not work for money, the work for favors so we added that to the list of unknowns.

The take away from all of this? We are all in lots of trouble, have lots of people who probably don’t like us very much, and things just keep getting better (worse).

The world and lore of Atman has expanded about 10-fold since we started playing! I’ve even started an “open plot threads” document to keep track of all the questions, random encounters, and possible paths for us to take. It has me very excited. Also Hisui has informed us that now he doesn’t have a clear goal for us, so whatever we decide to do will determine the next part of the story.

For information about my character and other party members, check out Part 3 of my Letters from Atman posts. For more information about our adventures and the world of Atman, follow Hisui’s posts recounting the sessions.

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