If You Can Find Them, Maybe You Can Hire the C-Team

I think at this point I am writing these posts more for myself than anyone else. They seem to be a nice way for me as the GM to determine what happens slightly off-screen. Usually they are recaps of certain parts of the game with a few little additions for me (and for any clever players who read this). But this is the first time that the material in one of the posts happens entirely off-screen from where the party was. They mostly don’t know any of this sequence. I think it is a nice little change of pace and a good supplement to Narutaki’s post.


Mission Report N° 5580-1485 000

Umbral Coordinates –

x: P+0078  y: E+1EF8  z: D+021C  α:F+03B1  β:X+0392  γ: S+03B3  ж:U+0436

Native Inhabitant’s Nomenclature: Atman [2༒7༄9]

Mission Location: Dunree Fortress Latitude: 42.09542, Longitude: -75.967455

Mission – Rescue Dux Ducis (True Name –  Nerida Orla Amadan, Champion of the Aerten of Endings, Blessed of the Wheel of Fortune, 2nd Star of Entropy. Birthday Boedromion 17th)

Clients: Skyfall mercenaries – Faramond, Xin Lei, Aranel, Samendra

Member Hired – The Librarian, The Noble, The Treasure Hunter, The Son of Swords. Additionally The Daughter, The Messenger, and the Lich Queen lent aid.

Price –
3 Techniques – Unpaid to The Librarian
1 Introduction – Paid to the Noble by the Paladin of Navaios, Faramond via geas
1 Personal Mission – Unpaid to The Treasure Hunter
1 Sword – The Singing Sword of Sondheim Paid to The Son of Swords by the Librarian
3 Solar Sapphires, 1 Quart of Blood – Paid to the Lich Queen by the Titan

Little time was given to do reconnaissance. The fortress was in the shape of what in colloquially called a Dunmharu Rose Seal. The shape is sketched out in an accompanying document. The main fortress is three stories with a large basement. Some scouting was done by the Treasure Hunter and the Messenger who was in the area. The Prophetess gave some initial divinations to the Nobel.

The fortress seems to be connected to the Mirror Realm through a hub of gates spread over Atman and there was an unused and only partially sealed Lilin gate. Apparently the resident wizard’s laboratory was the location of the Lilin gate. The Lilin gate was used as the main point of entry.

Facilitator’s Note: Research should be done into the existence of a Lilin gate in the fortress. There was no know Lilin presence in the region before this mission. The layout of the room seems to indicate while the owner of the laboratory was aware the room had magical potential due to the existence of the gate they seemed unaware of the exact location or purpose of the gate. It is likely that creator of the gate was the one who sealed and camouflaged its presence more than anything else.

Timekeeping on Atman is very primitive so timing could not be coordinated through local measurements. Correspondence and temporal synchronization were not coordinated through a central hub as it was seen as too much of a risk. All timing was provided through indirect signals.

The mission began in earnest with the Treasure Hunter infiltrating the Fortress and making her way down to the basement undetected. She entered the fortress without the aid of magic or devices in order to not trip off any wards and detection spells present. She also planted several devices filled with alchemist fire on the way down. Using alchemist fire on a wooden fortress that operatives would be performing a mission at was considered an acceptable risk. The Treasure Hunter encountered moderate wards and security but they were all bypassed with minimal difficulty. All major threats were in the prison block of the fortress.

Some assistance was given by the Messenger with his custom Houyi rifle and marksmen’s spyglass. At the same time the Librarian infiltrated the House Togail vessel and placed 10 vials on Alchemist’s fire on hull of the ship. The Son of Swords used his Blade of the Samm Moors to kill the horses in the external stables.  Horses in the internal stables was considered too risky a target. Any riders from inside the castle would be dispatched by the Messenger.

When the Treasure Hunter slipped into the main vault she triggered the signal flare on the outside of the fortress she set during her infiltration.

When signaled The Noble then entered via the Lilin gate and the Treasure Hunter and Librarian teleported to his location via a Correspondence Bridge. At the same moment the alchemical fire devices were activated causing explosions in several places in the fortress as well as the sinking of House Togail vessel. The Messenger started sniping soldiers in the fortress in hopes of drawing away some of the soldiers stationed at the fortress.

The three main students suffered minimal difficulty in subduing any opposition they came up against until they reached the prison section.

The first major resistance was encountered in the guards room for the prison block. The Vice Commander seemed to be prepared for a prison break and had a few elite guards standing by in the room who did not leave despite the numerous distractions. This was a foreseen difficulty. The entrance to the prison block was flooded with gas but the Librarian’s Mantra of Perfected Breathing prevented the gas from having any effect. The Son of Sword’s Rapier of the Vendaval cleared out the gas before its corrosive effects could kick in. But it was clear that the most dangerous threats in the fortress were aware of an infiltration.

While this was happening the Treasure Hunter discovered that Dux’ items were stored in a more secure  strong room inside the main vault. She took several items from the outer room and then went to work on the more secure container. The inner vault had true name recognition enchantments as well as a pass code. The petrified wooden walls of the safe were far to thick to cut through and warded against basic magical assault & circumvention. With a moderate amount of difficultly the Treasure Hunter was able to fool the sensors but was lucky that no one interrupted her work as it was rather intensive. Along with the recovered cloak and crossbow she took several other items of interest to her. All items taken at this time have been documented in an accompanying document.

The Treasure Hunter mentioned passing over was a log book of nobles who pass through the fortress. While the book would have probably been extremely valuable for later negations with any people mentioned in the book it was considered too troublesome to take. While this mission has certainly earned the organization several notable enemies the book might have opened up too much animosity from unexpected groups to be worth the risk.

The Vice Commander and her soldiers were the first major threat but were almost entirely dispatched by the Librarian alone. Her Tide Cleanses the Beach technique knocked out the four guards and but the Vice Commander was only inconvenienced. The Noble opened all the door in the prison ward with his Rote of Opening the Portals of Zehuti. This opened all but the most heavily guarded doors in the Fortress. The Nobel then engaged the Vice Commander in combat allowing the Librarian and the Son of Swords to proceed past them.

The first volley came from the agent known as Black with a storm of obsidian shards from her trident. The Son of Swords countered with Wynebgwrthucher and Carnwennan. He then unleashed The Ten. But they were all blocked by White with a technique similar to the Stance of the Perfect Defense. The agent known as Gray shot several arrows at both of our people but the arrows were caught by the Librarian and defected back towards the target.

This began a game of catch in which Gray would then fire the deflected arrows starting to throw various specialty arrows in the mix in hopes that the Librarian would slip up in the increasingly chaotic volleys.  The Cleric known as White then turned his priority to prayer which bolstered the effectiveness of his comrades even while still holding off the blades of the Ten.  At this time a previously unknown agent later dubbed Brown made himself known as he summoned wooden golems from the material of the prison. Black then boosted the effectiveness of the golems quickly placing our operatives in a tight situation.

At that point the Lich Queen summoned herself to the aid our overwhelmed forces. Her blood scythes made short work of one of the golems but the other golem quickly absorbed the shards of its fallen comrade making it even stronger. The Librarian used her signature Army of 8,000 Soldiers in hopes that she could use that to slip past their defenses. But the wizard Black dispelled the illusion with a variation of the Mental Fortress spell. At that point the Cleric went on the offensive after summoning a spiritual weapon and went to attack the Lich Queen as his brand of faith-based magic was theoretically far more effective on her kind. He quickly discovered that her Hymn of the Redeemed Sinner from the Noble gave her did not protect her from the force of the blows themselves they did make them much less effective than he assumed they would be. Brown then unleashed essence draining Kudzu in the area where our team was. But the last word seemingly would be The Son of Swords drawing Temporal Fugue.

But it seems that our opponents were well versed in time dilation effects and has an unseen Artifact of Free Flowing Time. On the plus side while this meant that we could not adjust the flow of time it also meant that all localized time effects were blocked for both sides. They were clearly not ready for the Lich Queen’s accelerated attacks that merely rely on vampiric speed as opposed to time manipulation. She slipped past the Cleric and went to engage the Wizard and the Bowman as they are much less effective in close combat. Or so she thought. It appears that Black was adept with her Trident and Gray’s bow doubles as a melee weapon. But it at least threw them slightly off-balance.

The golem did not do any damage to the Son Of Swords but it kept him occupied enough to prevent him from getting a tactical advantage. But with the Cleric free it let him start to beat back the Son of Swords with the Golem’s aid.

At the same time Brown and Black used a powerful one two punch of a Light attack and a Dark attack which damaged the whole team. Thankfully the Librarian was able to dissipate both attacks with a spell fork so they were nowhere near as effective as they could have been.

After several minuets of fighting back and forth it seemed obvious that the enemy agents were not taking any damage, White and Gray were preventing any forward advancement, while Brown and Black were slowly chipping away at the team with the indirect attacks and magic.

But it was at that point that Gray noticed that none of the prisoners were in their cells. While the defenders had been very effective in countering our members they did not notice the Daughter had slipped past them and liberated everyone being currently held in the holding cells including several salt vampires. While this prevented the salt vampires from being able to make a sneak attack on the agents the flanking action did provide our people the ability to start to retreat with our target and several other prisoners.

The agents tried to stop our people’s retreat by shaping the walls to cut them off, summoning a greater earth elemental, traveling through shadows, and using an anti-magic field. Fortunately while the Noble was holding off the troops in the Fort he was also securing an escape route and setting several traps for their pursuers. When they met back at the Lilin gate the Treasure Hunter had retrieved all the Dux’s stolen times as well as some of the personal belongings of the prisoners. As she was not informed whose possessions were whose she could not guarantee that she recovered all their gear.

The Treasure Hunter quickly removed the prisoner’s shackles that were preventing spiritual, spacial, and temporal movement and they escaped back into the Lilin gate. They escaped to another linked Lilin gate to an abandoned mill in a town called Piocoid. Our infiltrators then searched all the rescued prisoners and tried to remove any and all ways that they might be followed via scrying. Then they all went their separate ways and the Noble teleported three times before finally delivering the liberated prisoners to the meeting point in the market of abandoned city of Faoi Thalanh. He is currently awaiting the mercenaries to return their kidnapped comrade.

Causalities: None
Major Injuries: None
Lost or Damaged Equipment: 1 scroll of the Hymn of the Redeemed Sinner
Status: Mission Accomplished

– The Facilitator

One thought on “If You Can Find Them, Maybe You Can Hire the C-Team

  1. Lothos says:

    The Cabal and Black/White/Grey/Brown sound like some seriously high level badasses. I think XIn’s instincts of wanting to GTFO of town were on point. These are not people we need to be messing with.

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