Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup: The Epic of Gilgamesh

This Saturday post is the weekly Type-Moon news in addition to the regular APB post on Sunday. If you have any suggestions for what to highlight on the Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup drop me a line via email or Twitter.

  • I Actually Know the Answer to That
    The answer is anyone whose legend prominently has them using a bow at some point can be summoned as an Archer. Gilgamesh has the Bow of Anshan and they make a big deal of Shiro being a part of the Archery club for a reason. I mean technically Arturia Pendragon can be summoned as a Lancer due to her ownership of Rhongowennan but that would be weird.
    But me being a Type-Moon nerd aside here are some wonderful screen shots of the upcoming Chogokin Archer to complement the Chogokin Saber review I linked to last week. You can preorder him starting April 3rd.
  • The Voice of a New Generation
    The voices from the new Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya anime have been revealed. They seem to be the same cast from the Prisma Illya drama CDs. They also released the first two teasers if you want to see that.
  • Time Cast a Spell on You. But You Won’t Forget Me.
    It seems that the fox eared Caster finally gets her own manga series in Comp Ace that is tentatively called Fate/Extra Yōko-den. I like they are breaking her out a bit like Red Saber. Hopefully all of them will start hopping over to more Type-Moon projects.
  • A White Wedding in Valhalla
    The makers of Valhalla Knights 3 announced that Fate Extra’s Saber’s wedding dress outfit will be a free downloadable outfit when the game is released.
  • Gimme The Prize
    What an apropos song for Fate/Zero. But this headline is heralding new prize figures for Fate/Zero and not a Queen version of the soundtrack for the TV series.
  • Fate/Extra CCC Roundup
    It is a Roundup inception! A roundup in a roundup that in itself was spun off of the main news roundup! I half expect Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to pop up.

    • “Service, Service” as Misato Would Say
      A little video about the costume change options came out for Fate/Extra CCC before the laugh this week. There is a distinct focus made on the racy outfits for the female characters. Sadly the guys don’t get to show off their goods so we don’t have Gilgamesh in a swim trunks. I am sure someone is slight disappointed about that.
    • CCC Fight Club
      The first rule of CCC Fight Club is you post all the videos you can about CCC Fight Club. And in that spirit the new auto battle feature is being shown off in this Fate/Extra CCC video.
    • A Room of One’s Own
      Another part of Fate/Extra that got a make over was the customization of your private room. This latest video shows some of what you can do now to make your digs stylish.
    • Last Hurrah for Chivalry
      Just before Fate/Extra CCC comes out they have released an almost 21 minute video showing some large chucks of game play as well as highlighting some of the features mentioned in other videos. Definitely a video that has much more value in if you understand Japanese.
    • Playing Doctor
      As with Fate/Extra they added some sexy mini-games to the webpage to celebrate the release of Fate/Extra CCC. In the game you have to nurse Red Saber back to health after she falls ill.
    • Golden Dreams
      For the ladies they also made a game on the website with the King of Heroes

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