Watcher in the Wings

It is another off scene D&D post. In a way these little posts let me think about what is going on in the heads of the NPCs. I’m usually thinking about what they are doing but not necessarily what is fully going on in their heads. This makes them a little more personal and hopefully rounds out the NPCs in general. Not that is really matters a ton in this particular case.

This post is from the perspective of a character who would be the first chapter POV character in A Song of Fire and Ice book. But even little barely used characters like this should have a feeling that they have a life before they were drawn into the story and if they survive and life beyond when the PC interact with them.

All in all the party saw this poor guy for a matter of seconds. When then finally reached the fort they were going to Aranel spotted this ranger who was watching them (which brings up the fact that Aranel consistently makes observation and hidden door checks but is terrible at tracking rolls). They spent the rest of the session avoiding their tail without making it too obvious. So when he is finally dispatched by a third-party while observing them he comes and goes with little fanfare. He did not even get to say word one to the PCs.

But this guy has a story none the less.



Mounichion 14th:

Ranger Neodon of the Gray had not reported in for a week and was considered missing in the field. A patrol from the army in the area around the Lost City of Fuarán (otherwise known as Springbrunnen) made a recent discovery. They found Neodon gear but his body or any sign of what happened to it could be discerned by the patrol.

Among his possessions was a scroll was a magical recording diary from that has the last week worth of entries. It has been transcribed in hopes of discovering the nature of the most recent activity in Fuarán and the whereabouts of the Skyfall mercenaries currently under observation by the Prince.

Mounichion 10th:

I have been informed by Gray that the marked Skyfall sellswords should be headed my way soon enough. He just gave them a little scare as they came out of tunnels to the west so I should be on the alert for their arrival. They are most probably trying to meet up with their fellow mercenaries so they can run back to their hidey-hole in the rebel country.

I am supposed to look for any contact they might make with the rebel Dux as well as any other assorted unscrupulous activities they may participate in. If I can “find” any illicit dealings  I should take an opening to do so but I should not break cover unless it is a golden opportunity.

Considering the meat grinder the White Desert has been lately hopefully the Ashen Lord and his abominations will devour these fools so I can get back to the civilized world where my talents would actually be utilized. This podunk border town of  Fluich Báite is a waste of my training. I could be serving the house so much more at Lugdunum or Treascroir Crann.

These people seem like good people but they don’t need a ranger of my caliber watching over their simple lives.  They need a proper order of holy men to concentrate that mistake to the east. After that a legion or two to mop up the swamp and the blight that lives there. No more and no less.

Mounichion 11th:

The group has arrived in town. They mostly seem to be more interested in whetting their whistles than anything else. If they are trying to contact anyone they are either amazingly subtle or more than likely just not able to do anything that duplicitous. I have to wonder if these miscreants merely turned over their companion without a second thought and are merely here to collect their next purse.

They have met up with the Skyfall commander, Yin and his two bumbling subordinates. It seems they are planning to try to retrieve the corpses of their fallen companions. Apparently that fool dwarf thinks his subordinates are still alive. I think he overestimates their capabilities.

But I have to follow these lemmings just in case they have the foresight to try to contact someone in the wastes. Thankfully they won’t be that hard to trail at a safe distance.

Mounichion 12th:

I have begun following the group towards the city. Their progress has been surprisingly swift. The bleached creatures that normally patrol this area seem like they are resting on some sort of unholy feast day. We came up to the gates of the old city almost completely unmolested. Thankfully after facing a little resistance they are wisely turning around and going home. While I would have preferred to be rid of them this could have gone worse.

Wait. Why has the Ashen Lord come to the parapet? What did those fools do? What are they doing down there?

Damn. Something under the ground seems to have found me. But it will not surprise me. And I will return home with its head.

There are no further entries past this date. It seems that whatever found Neodon was able to capture or kill him. Considering the efficiency in which they took down a member of the Gray we must assume they left his possessions as a message.

What that message is has yet to be fully seen.

What are you thinking?

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