Letters from Atman: My First D&D Campaign Pt. 8

narutaki Alrighty then, it is official the world of Atman would be much better off without us “heroes.”

When last we left off, the party had stumbled into a mad, world-destroying plot by the Dread Lord. We were tasked with delivering some of his literature heralding his coming to the leaders of the Elven and Orchish empires. Since our choice was death or be messengers, we chose messengers hoping we could figure some way out of this mess.

We didn’t.

We tried to creatively interpret our mission, but once we left we found ourselves haunted by the Dread Lord in the form of not allowing us to sleep. After a short debate about whether to head to the Orcs or the Elves, we settled on Elves after all we do have the secret Elven princess with us. I must say, without her this mission would have gone even worse than it did.

Pretending to be traveling performers on the road to the capital was a lot of fun and added some much-needed humor to this quest. Also enjoyable was sneaking into the royal residence and coming face-to-face with the Queen. She definitely would have taken our heads off if we didn’t have the princess escorting us. This is where the story gets bad because we deliver the book only to have it burst open and immediately start to engulf the residence and the party in white ash which spells death and oblivion.

And I personally took out this book of evil which started the snowball effect of probably putting the capital of my country into ruin.

The Queen and Princess were able to take measures to free us from the ash relatively unscathed but the city’s fate is as yet an unknown.

As one final blow, we let eight invisible undead wyverns loose into the world.

We did however get a ton of experience points because we picked the least bad path (there was no good path to be had) so I guess that’s something!

For information about my character and other party members, check out Part 3 of my Letters from Atman posts. For more information about our adventures and the world of Atman, follow Hisui’s posts recounting the sessions.

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