Ultana: An Elven Romance

I could focus on several parts of the last game session but I want to focus on the Queen because she is super cool. Also I think watching enough Emma and Downton Abbey just made me want to write something about gossiping servants.


Did you see Drúcht on your way here?

Don’t worry. That battleax is currently cleaning up some big mess in the Deathbed Princess’ old room.

For Dunmharu sake don’t call the poor princess that after she was murdered. It was bad enough people called her that when she was alive but now it just seems like your dancing on her grave.

Fine Fine. Whatever. She is in Princess-Nerida-Whose-Blessed-Breasts-Left-This-Cruel-Atman-Too-Soon’s room.

Imagine if the good King heard you say that. You would make him more heartbroken than he already is. You know, before he had you executed. And rightfully so. Or worse yet if Drúcht heard you. You would pray devils whisked you off to the cold moon. It would be a kinder fate.

Wow. When did you become the royal herald for the late Princess? 

She was always a very kind woman. When Aishling’s family were being harassed by those brigands she stepped into and but a stop to that. I also remember her teaching Daibheid the basics of sorcery when he showed some aptitude. I even remember her being kind to the Elementals and the Mongrels. How many nobles can you say that about?

A farmer might care for his animals, and he might even love them, but he does not consider them people when push comes to shove. Also I think she was just nice to you because you have a cute face.

That’s very rude especially considering how many times she covered up little indiscretions for your brother. And no one is covering up things for your brother because of his stunning good looks.

I’m not arguing with you about being a suck up to the royals past this point. I came here to discuss more interesting things. Like why Drúcht is so busy in the first place. Now I heard of of your fellow maids that the Queen went on a rampage after getting drunk when she was forced back here to Delnadamph Castle after Gabha Geal sent her away and refused to speak to anyone but the King. Everyone knows she is using the King’s depression to usurp the throne. She was in a rage that someone finally put her in her place.

I think you just dislike the Queen because you just dislike powerful women. Anyway what I heard was that the Queen fond some old memento of her daughter and that is why she smashed up the room. That sounds more like a romantic thing for her to do.

Not sure how that is romantic but at least sounds plausible. Especially with an evil old bat like her. Now some people are going around telling crazy tales. I heard one of the footmen say she chased a demon into the room with a wand and a battleaxe. He said he hard an epic battle with incantations and terrible voices. 

I like the Queen but I can’t see her being a demon slayer. Now Loinnir told me she thinks it was the queen trying to perform a séance to learn who killed her daughter. Loinnir’s uncle is am inquisitor for the church in Caisain so she knows about those things. When she peeked into the room she said it looked like what happens when you call a shade into the world. 

Why that is a very interesting bit of speculation on your part. Your both little detectives in your own right.

Ack! Ms. Drúcht! I did not see you there.

That was the point. Now I am sure you too are not on break. Snasú I want you to go downstairs and round-up the free valets and go to the Princess’ room. But don’t touch anything. I mean anything. I will be up there shortly to supervise the cleanup. Also Ultana I want you to go to the alchemist and have him make two batches of this formula. When he is done I want you to bring those vials to me immediately. Now go quickly and I will forget I found you both slacking in the stairwell like this.

Yes ma’am.

Yes ma’am.

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