All Points Bulletin: Lets Share the Grendizer of Fate

If you have any suggestions for what to highlight on an APB drop us a line via email or Twitter.

hisui_icon_4040 Alain’s picks:

narutaki_icon_4040 Kate’s picks:

  • Now You Can Watch All the DC Nation Shorts
    Or at least you can watch a good portion of them, finally. Since I don’t have cable, I am making my way through these as we speak.
  • Yeah, I Need This Grendizer
    After getting (and loving) the Super Robot Chogokin of J-Decker, I’m really close to buying more. This Grendizer is definitely about to push me over the edge.


hisui_icon_4040 I hate the word “fate.” Birth, encounters, partings, success and failures, fortune and misfortunes in life. If our lives are already set in stone by fate, then why are we even born? There are those born to wealthy families, those born to beautiful mothers, and those born into the middle of war or poverty. If that’s all caused by fate, then God is incredibly unfair and cruel. Because, ever since that day, none of us had a future and the only certain thing was that we wouldn’t amount to anything…


What are you thinking?

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