Pacific Rim: Sie Sind Das Essen Und Wir Sind Die Jäger!

When Guillermo del Toro does an American super robot movie where huge mecha battle equally huge monsters, a single website cannot cover it effectively. Therefore it takes the combined might of The Cockpit, Ogiue Maniax, and us at the Reverse Thieves to handle the Category 5 Kaiju that is Pacific Rim. While the movie was hardly perfect we generally gush about it while taking apart some of its weaker aspects. The greatest regret is we did not bring up Godannar more in the podcast.

If anyone was curious this Wiki has a fairly good trivia section for each Kaiju in the movie and what classic monster inspired them. If you want to see the inspiration for the Jaeger names, I have to assume it was this.

If nothing else, this is the only Pacific Rim podcast you will listen to with a Natalie Merchant joke in it. So come drift with us.

The Cockpit – Episode 4 – Pacific Rim


2 thoughts on “Pacific Rim: Sie Sind Das Essen Und Wir Sind Die Jäger!

  1. Vince Averello (@VinceA) says:

    I got a chuckle from your Natalie Merchant joke… and from how flatly it landed. Good review of the movie. Now I just need to hear an AWO and/or Fast Karate review to complete the list of podcasts I listen to review the movie. I left my few complaints about your review over at the Cockpit’s site.

    • reversethieves says:

      I guess that just proves that I am a child of the 80s while most everyone else on the podcast are late 80s and 90s kids. It does not help that Carl has very sheltered music and cinematic tastes as a child. He has seen more mecha shows than Kate and I combined but I don’t think he has ever seen a John Hughes movie.

      I wonder if and when AWO & Fast Karate will get around to watching and then reviewing the film. It seems up their alley.

      – Hisui

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