Saber Rider and the Star Knights

hisui_icon_4040 As I mentioned previously mentioned I got some rather nifty birthday gifts this year. One of them was the Nendoroid Petite x Mini 4WD Saber drives Super Saber Special. Yes, that mouthful is the official name for that figure. What is important is it is Saber in a race car. A working race car. An awesome working race car. So lets look at this baby.

Your first logical question might be why this was not a post the day after I got the present. The simple answer is that this is not a toy that you can play with out of the box. It is essentially a model kit. As anyone who has ever bought or received a model kit will know it is fairly easy to get a kit. But unless you are mechanical in your time management it is equally easy to never block out an opportunity to build said kit. I myself despite never being the best at planning my schedule don’t have any unmade kits in my house. That said almost everyone else I know who even casually makes gunpla tends to have one or two unfinished kits at any given time. I remember the Gerald from Anime World Order even made a big online project wherein people tried to set aside a specific month just to pledge to cut down on their unmade model kit backlog.

Or to make a long story short: The first thing you should understand about this is there is a distinct chance you will never make it. If you can accept that fact then you have crossed the first barrier. Just remember that the graveyard is always filled with people whose last thought was, “But what are the chances it will happen to me?”

For anyone who makes Gunpla I would say this was about High Grade level difficult. Not supremely hard. You just need a pair of nail clippers and a screwdriver. I put together the whole kit in about two hours while my roommate and I watched Party Down in the background. So while I made a big deal about the construction being a hurdle it is more just sitting down and blocking out the time more than anything else. Once your actually started you pretty much already half done. If you ever done anything more complex than a SD Gundam model kit you should be fine.

Of course I am ALWAYS cursed to make one odd error that sets me back and makes me take apart a bunch of steps. It almost always me putting on something backwards or using the wrong part because two pieces look really similar. In this case it was me using the wrong piece as washers for the wheels. All in all that only lost me about 5 minutes of time when I had to take off the wheels, put on the correct washers, and then put the tires again.

There was a little tube of oil for the joints but I maybe got a drop two out of the whole thing. If I really NEED oil later on I will just use your standard lubricant oil. I appreciate them bundling in the oil but there is no way to use that thing on the number of places they wanted you to use them on.

The car itself is decorated with stickers. They give you a default set to decorate the car along with some optional flair. I almost ever do that but it is an option. You can also throw Saber in the seat of the car or just put in the steering wheel and have her pose by the car on a little stand. She even comes with a little Excalibur if you like.

Overall it works really well as a little race car. It zooms along quite nicely so the little guide wheels on the car’s four corners actually come in handy if you actually want to race it around instead of just using it as a display piece. And the car moves quick enough that it can easily slip out of your reach and into a wall if you let it. Apparently you can upgrade Mini 4WD line in general if you actually want to race them. Since I’m not interested in replicating the Holy Grail Grand Prix I’m solid. (Plus Saber’s ride skill is only a B. I’m mean it is not like she is usually summoned as a Rider.)

It is a cute little kit. I’m no Mini 4WD expert so I don’t know how it stacks up to other cars in the line. It is clearly not the top of the line kit. It is more for Saber fans who want something that is not just a static Saber figure more than model car kit racers who need something Type-Moon related.

Also it is rather simple to put together. In fact in is not a horrible first time kit in that regard. If you wanted to try out building a model kit and wanted something that gives an idea of what putting pieces together is like with a minor bit of challenge but no more than that then this is a good choice.

Also is has Saber. And that alone makes it wonderful.

– Alain

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