All Points Bulletin: The Basketball Which Vulcan Rick Astley Plays

If you have any suggestions for what to highlight on an APB drop us a line via email or Twitter.

hisui_icon_4040 Alain’s picks:

  • Never Going to Give You Up
    A complete Klingon language video of the infamous Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Now you can Rick Roll all your TV sci-fi fan friends. But not your literary sci-fi fans friends. They only get really insulted that you think they like Star Trek.
  • Face lick! Mmmm you taste real good.
    Bad Lip Reading and Game of Thrones. I don’t really have to say anything else. Your already clicking the link.
  • Atlanta Is Burning
    The OSMcast! and the Chainsaw Buffet fought back to back to give us the best darn Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 coverage. Banzai food trucks! Banzai!
  • Men Behaving Badly
    Sadly another major incident of a cosplayer getting harassed at NYCC. Are these horrible shock video guys becoming a thing? A hope not.
  • Not the Superhero Identity of Theodore Knight
    All Geeks Considered looks at John Carpenter’s 1984 film Starman.

narutaki_icon_4040 Kate’s picks:


hisui_icon_4040 As a side note: Why is there a metric ton of anime styled Petyr Baelish fanart?

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