Secret Santa 2013 Project Reveal

As noted philosopher, scholar, and warrior Yuri Kumoi once said, “Forgive those who will not love you and love those who will not forgive you.” Someone else might have also said something like that. I’m not too sure.

In the past we may have been wronged. We may have wanted the Armor Hunter Mellowlink of joy as a Secret Santa present but instead gotten the Texhnolyze of despair instead. But during the holiday season it is a time of forgiveness. We try to spread the joy and wonder of a newly discovered favorite show despite the hardships of the past. In turn we hope that those we touch will do that same to another as well. And so we hope to make the anime blogosphere a slightly brighter place.

That is also why we gut punch anyone who recommends people Boku no Pico. “Hit him three times and even the Buddha will get mad.”

And so we enter into the 5th year of this project that brings together some very diverse voices anime blogosphere. Every year it is rather interesting for both of us running the project. I myself love to see how many people adore what they get as choices, how many have to just bite the bullet and choose what they hope is the least worst show, and how many unexpectedly find something they would have never seen before. It is also enlightening to see what shows also get recommended, what shows are popular to watch or recommend any given year, and what has never been reviewed. I feel like I saw so much less Denno Coil this year just because it was so often recommended in the past that a majority of the participants have either seen the show or watched it because another participant loved it so much in their review in a previous year. I think Kate and I will do a little round up on the results next year when most of the reviews have come in.

But until then let us see who gave the gifts of socks and ties and who gave the gifts that people actually wanted.

(As a side note: I have actually gotten to the age were I often just ask for new clothing for work from my parents for Christmas. I actually want the socks and ties. Goodness I feel old.)


19 thoughts on “Secret Santa 2013 Project Reveal

  1. gedata says:

    I think it’s worth pointing out that both Inushinde and draggle put up Secret Santas already

    also rather strange that you’d put up the name I gave in the emails rather then the one used for blogging. My bad I guess.

  2. matty says:

    Another Christmas, another (late, my bad!!) anime to review!
    Part of what I look forward to doing these each year other than watching a series I might like is also seeing what others recommend to watch – or not watch.

    I’m not sure if the number of participants is bigger this year than last, but props to you two for taking such a huge task of organizing this fun project on what is probably an already insane schedule in your daily tasks.

    Merry Christmas, and I’m already looking forward to doing it again next year!

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