The Speakeasy #049: Bloody Eye, Beginning Our 5th Year of Podcasting

Drink #049: Bloody Eye
Beginning our 5th Year of Podcasting

Can you believe it? We are starting our 5th year of The Speakeasy! But of course Reverse Thieves is even older than that.

In this special, and wholly self-absorbed, episode we take a look back at our years and  topics. Then in the second half we answer some audience questions. This installment is mostly a bunch of tangents, a perfect (?) way to start the year.

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And now your helpful bartenders at The Speakeasy present your drink:

Bloody Eye (Cowboy Bebop Cocktail)

1.5 oz black cherry whiskey (Red Stag used)
.5 oz gin
1 splash grenadine
Fill with AMP Overdrive cherry energy drink (around 4-5 oz)

Mix first three ingredients in a lowball or small glass. Fill to top with AMP Overdrive.


One thought on “The Speakeasy #049: Bloody Eye, Beginning Our 5th Year of Podcasting

  1. VichusSmith says:

    I still– and will continue– to care about Moretsu Space Pirates. It’s one of those shows that, I believe, it’s hard to dislike. In fact, I think of you have something negative to say about it, you never watched it. It was great to have a show starring a majority female cast that’s not about ass and titties.

    What was that podcast that was mentioned in this episode? All Geeks Considered? Your relaying of their Utena review is enough of a de-recommendation for me.

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