September Updates: Change of Plans

Hello, all! Kate here.

Truth be told, I was supposed to be visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando this week, but a massive hurricane is sweeping through the area as I write this so that trip has been put on hold. (I hope the many friends of the blog residing in Florida stay safe!)

So instead, I’m ushering in the change of season with a big mug of tea while attempting to figure out just how I’m going to watch all of the new anime, TV shows, and movies dropping this fall. How does one even begin to prioritize?

Join us on Discord and tell me how you are making these tough decisions (or are you simply cloning yourself?)!


August Updates: Quality Downtime

Hello, all! Kate here.

Starting with Otakon and following through to Labor Day, this part of the summer always seems like an extra busy time for me and those around me. I have barely had any time to enjoy anime with friends this month! Instead, I’ve been lucky to spend quality time with people just talking; getting to know some people a little better and catching up with old friends.

But looking back on the summer as a whole, I’m also proud of the many series and movies I’ve been able to check off my list (not all of them anime), and I got to revisit a number of things as well.

Watching things and talking seem to be the only things I’m capable of in the summer heat.

Join us on Discord and let me know what you finally got around to watching this summer!


July Updates: 15th Anniversary

Hello, all! Kate here.

It is hard to believe that Reverse Thieves started 15 years ago this month! The world, the site, and we as people have certainly changed a lot since then. Some things that haven’t changed: our unending love for anime and manga, our annual trip to Otakon, our passion for detectives, and the power of friendship.

Here is a snapshot of some of the series I was loving in 2007: Kekkaishi, Claymore, Death Note, The Story of Saiunkoku, Nana, and Hayate the Combat Butler (no this is not Alain speaking).

At Otakon 2007 we ran our very first panel! Director Kenji Kodama and Producer Michihiko Suwa were in attendance to promote Kekkaishi, and this was my introduction to it. AAA and Eminence put on fantastic musical performances. And voice actor Tomokazu Seki made a much anticipated visit!

Join us on Discord and let me know what your anime fandom looked like 15 years ago!