December Updates: 2022 Favorites

Hello, all! Kate here.

In the latest episode of the podcast I mentioned some of my favorite things from 2022: Only Murders in the Building, The Glass Onion, and You Must Remember This: Erotic 80s. I decided to add a few more things to the list looking back on on the year:

I was glued to the Winter Olympics and enjoyed hours of figure skating.

Our Flag Means Death delighted me with its humor and originality. I’m so glad it is coming back for a second season.

Finding a work life balance has been tough lately, but Severence took it to the next most-unsettling level. WHAT. A. SEASON. FINALE.

I’m sad to say I don’t have any novels to add to the list this year. I have been reading at a fairly steady pace but nothing has grabbed me enough to say I really loved it.

And if you’re wondering why there is no anime and manga on this list, never fear those will be featured in our January podcast episode!

Join us on Discord and let me know some of your favorite non-anime and non-manga things from 2022.


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