Happy 7th Birthday Reverse Thieves!


You know that chestnut of a scene in a sitcom where a person totally forgets their anniversary then has to scramble to pretend that they remembered the big day all along? In many ways, that is what this post is.

So yeah, we sort of forgot about the anniversary of the blog this year. In a way, it was the blog itself that made it so easy to forget.

The first five years of running the blog (and then podcast) seemed like more of a struggle; every few months was a desperate battle to build an identity and gain a following. Realizing we got into a bit of predictable pattern by our sixth year jump started a few changes in the site.

The Case Closed and Postmortem podcasts definitely came out of that. They’re not as popular as the SWAT Reviews but these new short podcasts make good and vital bookends to our first impressions.

Alain started the Riot Control Reviews because people love hearing about horrible things. If anything people are probably saddened that he doesn’t watch even worse shows at the start of the new season. Alain has also tried out video reviews of manga chapters with A Chapter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away on YouTube; it is currently on hiatus.

Our big push for 2014 has been to make the content on the blog and podcast more accessible. All the podcasts are now available on Stitcher and YouTube. We recently started a Tumblr account which cross-promotes all our content as well as other original musings.

A minor change but one worth noting is we started using our real names a bit more. Part of it was Kate being more comfortable with using her real name in print and part of it is being mildly tired of people mixing us up. (Also as always Kate trying to point out once and for all she knows next to nothing about Type-Moon no matter how much people insist otherwise.)

We don’t know what the future holds for the site, we certainly aren’t going anywhere, but how much things will continue to change rather than just honing what we have now will remain to be seen.

What do you all think about how Reverse Thieves has changed in the last seven years? How long have you been visiting? What’s the the #1 reason you visit the blog and/or listen to the podcast?

~ kate

7 thoughts on “Happy 7th Birthday Reverse Thieves!

  1. Rob says:

    I’ve been subscribing to the site’s RSS since Otakon 2 years ago when I went to your “New Anime for Old Fans” panel (very excited to see you’ll be doing that again this year!).

    Personally, I don’t have time to listen to the podcast stuff, so I mostly just skim the posts.

    I may be in a minority but a quick thumbs up/down on the stuff you review on your podcasts would be nice at a glance, and then people can defer to the podcasts for the reasons why.

    I’m always looking for new stuff to watch, especially now that I subscribe to Crunchyroll, but there is just so much out there it’s hard to wade through it all.

    Or maybe just a quick season round up similar to the list you generated for your panel with the stuff you recommend from the past season.

    Congrats on 7 years!

    • reversethieves says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Good feedback is always rare in the blogging game. ;)

      I’m fairly certain we can do a little quick thumbs up or down for the podcasts.

      I know Kate has always been a little worried that some people would not listen if they just see the thumbs up or down but I don’t see why we can’t try it out to see how much that worry is unfounded or not.

      – Alain

  2. TheBigN says:

    Much props for still pumping out work years down the line. You guys are some of the bloggers that make me want to start regularly doing it again. :)

    Happy 7 years.

  3. hoshiko says:

    I’ve been following this blog for about 5 years or slightly more. What I like a lot about this blog is how the both of you “talked” to each other in each posts. It’s fun and different. But that’s not just it. There are more editorial posts as well.

    And yeah, I was one of the ones that got you guys mixed up between Hisui and Narutaki. Blame the avatars, if you will.

  4. lothos88 says:

    Wow, hard to believe it’s been 7 years. It doesn’t seem that long ago that you two first started the blog. Your site has become one of my main sources for news like new releases/licensing and what to watch each season. Keep up the awesome work :)

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