X-Men Nerd Grudge Match Presents: Kate VS Diego

Days of Future Past is probably one of the most iconic X-Men stories of all time. That said, in reflection it was only a two chapter arc. But the memorable covers, powerful story, and lasting ramifications have made it a tale that is often repeated in other iterations of the franchise. In this podcast, we join the All Geeks Considered Podcast to discuss three versions of the story: the original comic chapters, the version from the 90’s cartoon, and the odd variant in The Super Hero Squad Show. We don’t discuss the recent movie adaptation however but you can pretty much throw a stone on the internet and accidentally hit a review of that. We give you the analysis you really need.

We also discuss Empire Biscuit, Veronica Mars, and if anyone actually likes Sad Claps.

Days of Future Past with The Reverse Thieves!


One thought on “X-Men Nerd Grudge Match Presents: Kate VS Diego

  1. Vince says:

    1 – On the topic of info dumping – anime is just as guilty as comics of old: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/answerman/2014-07-18/.76776
    2 – Cyclops is a douche as is Professor X.
    3 – Super Hero Squad is a supremely stupid show but it goes so deep into Marvel lore it’s amazing at times. It did an entire six-part arc devoted to alternate universes & such like the 1602 universe (Earth 311). Stuff that normally wouldn’t see the screen ever show up here. It’s really a toss-up between Batman: The Brave & the Bold & this as to which goes deeper into continuities.

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