Secret Santa 2014 Project Reveal

 I am curious to see what trends pop out of this year of the Secret Santa Project. There is a diverse pool of people recommending show for each other so theoretically each of the three selections is both a reflection of the person who is picking the shows and who they are being picked for. That said there are a few trends that usually pop up. There is usually one, maybe two, shows that end up being recommended by lost of people. I remember the years that Dennou Coil was all over the list. To a lesser degree Kaiba was also in the same position. Last year had a lot of Satoshi Kon. You then notice those works tend to get regifted quite a bit. A show that was popular one year won’t have the same prevalence but you will notice several people passing along the show they got the last year to whoever they get the next year. That is probably the best case scenario as someone enjoyed a show they reviewed enough that they become an advocate of that show the next year. I always get a warm feeling whenever that happens. It makes it feel like all the work that goes into the project is justified. The more overlooked the gem the greater that warm feeling is.

I am curious to see which underdog gets its time in the spotlight this year.


15 thoughts on “Secret Santa 2014 Project Reveal

  1. Digibro says:

    Wait a minute, wait a minute. So I recommended SDS Log Horizon, Barakamon, and Plastic Nee-chan, of which he reviewed the latter, while the guy who recommended me stuff, Hanners, ended up reviewing Barakamon and Log Horizon?! Holy coincidences!

  2. appropriant says:

    My section seems to be linked to Steelbound’s review instead of my own.

    This was my second year doing secret santa and im glad i did it again, so thank you so much for keeping on with the project all these years! It also kind of helped that all of the anime i was given this time around were actually good, though.

  3. matty says:

    Wow, Haibane Renmei is going around this year. I wondered what sparked that one?
    FLCL too to a fair extent, but really I think everyone would recommend that series after watching at least once anyway!
    Interesting to see Another there, too.

  4. jenninoordhoek says:

    Mine will come not this week, I’m sorry. Life suddenly busied in December and culminated with family visiting over Christmas and I won’t be watching basically anything until family leaves. But I’m planning on finishing up on Monday/Tuesday right after family leaves.

  5. Northlander says:

    I don’t know if it’s really common, but the fact that I got to choose shows from another reviewer for the same site actually presented some problems, mostly because we often talk and recommend stuff to each other throughout the year in the first place, so I had a really hard time picking something for Nick, since he had already seen most of the stuff I like, if not all of it, anyway. Out of the three selections I made, I ended up doing two blind picks — shows I hadn’t even watched myself.

    It also made it impossible for me to even discuss Secret Santa outside of the shows chosen for me. And I had to worry about Nick asking which shows I had chosen for someone as well.

    I’m just saying it would have been nice to not have to do that. ^^;;

  6. Aiden says:

    I’ve got to apologise for not completing my obligation this year. I was hoping that despite the fact that I am studying and working full-time now that I would be able to find both the time and the energy to review the show I was given but it simply did not happen. I’m sorry and I grateful for all your hardwork.

    • reversethieves says:

      Two things

      1. If you ever find the energy you can always submit a review and I could add it later. I have gotten reviews a full year after they were due.
      2. In the end it is all good. This is supposed to be a fun project to broaden your horizons. No one is getting paid (or if they are someone should tell me) and nothing is won or lost outside of personal enjoyment. If life got in the way (which it often can) it always is best to focus on what is important. Work, school, and family are what are what are going to effect you the most in the end. 

      All that said if your schedule even lightens up I hope you can participate some time in the future. 

      – Alain

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