NYICFF 2015: Satellite Girl and Milk Cow

narutaki_icon_4040 One day, a satellite crashes to earth colliding with a walking incinerator which is chasing a cow. That satellite transforms into young woman Il-ho. And that cow is actually a young musician named Kuang-chan who has been transformed by his broken heart. The incinerator monster is trying to gobble up all the sad people who have been transformed. Thus Satellite Girl and Milk Cow meet.

The film is mostly 2D animation, and a lot of it looks like Flash, with moments of CG thrown in. The film has a good grasp of timing and physical comedy even if it can’t execute it with a lot of beauty. While the animation is not much to look at, SG&MC has other qualities that make it special.

I can’t be totally sure, but I think SG&MC is a satire of romantic plots. It takes so many things we’ve seen: a machine falls in love with a human, a cute girl robot falls from the sky, a boy looking for love has been transformed into an ugly beast, two people suddenly living together, and love saves the world as does the power of music.

But it adds all kinds of odd elements that change the atmosphere: a magical roll of toilet paper named Merlin (yes, I never thought I’d put those words together either), mundane acts of going to the bathroom and paying the rent, a crook harvesting organs from transformed animals, human suits, a dog who cleans and drives, and rocket punches.

 All of this is executed and combined as if it were perfectly normal; no attention is paid to these oddities. Undoubtedly SG&MC is self-aware but without ever winking at the camera.

I laughed really hard, cringed, shook my head, rolled my eyes, and laughed some more. This spin on romance is so bizarre as to be absolutely unforgettable.



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